REVIEW: Hana Zagorová’s jubilee selection “1968 – 2020” hides shortcomings in a shiny box

In recent days, news about the poor health of one of our biggest singing stallions, Hana Zagorová, has been circulating on the Internet. Either way, the desire to sing our multiple golden nightingale is definitely not waning. And the fact that he still has something to say with his current work is also proved by the compilation “1968 – 2020”.


Hana Zagorova – 1968 – 2020 (6CD)

Released: 15.10.2021
Total time: 7:20:38

Tracks: CD1: Picture of a Sad Miss, The Maze of Julie, Gvendoline, I’m Your Unknown, Dancer, Promises-Bugs (Funny Funny), I’m Hovering, He’s Someone (You’re a Lady), Probably, About (Honey, Honey), Breviary of love, The road to happiness, You’re dead season, Paint pictures again, He says he’s better, Silver well, Few people know (Sambario), I don’t know, It seems, Hany (Honey), Drops CD2: Sorry, I’m sorry (Vendo tutto ), Fire in my soul, If time came back, Engagement, Ocean, He fell asleep to us, asleep, Cinema love, Cape of Good Hope, It wouldn’t be fair (I’ll Find My Way Home), I’m in a hurry (Queen of Hearts), I know She’s Always a Woman, What Happened, Lighthouse (To Love), Idea (Everybody’s Rockin ‘), Don’t Tread, Don’t Break, A Piece of the Way with You peau / Sulla tua pelle /), Living Water, Clash with Love CD3: Angels, Where Is It Written, Time to Leave, Shadows, Lamb (Zabavki Pana Boga), Like an Old Tree, Benjamin, Sea of ​​Solitude, Unknown bays, Conversation in silence, I know you’re watching, Who knows where You fall asleep, I fall when it dawns, Merilyn, Blue Tea Room, Goldfish, I wish, In my kingdom, It was more than my friend, When I lose you, Autumn loves me CD4: Blessedly, Time (Time), It is absolutely necessary, It wouldn’t be if, I pay with you at all times, Stay here summer (Damdybydyby), You’re forever responsible, Blood and screws, There will only be time forever, Blow the crescent moon, Adieu (L’adieu), By the way, I know those eyes, Every once pays, At the bottom of the seas, Where something ends, A Case of You, I ask, Our God, Bodegita, Rain cries from the sky CD5: The wind rises tomorrow (Vivre en toi), Bleriot, I love you ( J’te mentirais), My guy (Mon mec a moi), Dating at the Wailing Wall (Księżniczka), With you, I don’t have wings anymore (Je ne suis qu’une chanson), Bójka, Play, music, Like then, She’s here autumn, Maybe I’m cursed (Plus is pense and toi), About Love, Tiger from the hotel, Guardian angel, Let peace accompany us, Alien (U-Turn (Lili)), I’m not afraid, I’m what I am, In the tropic Cancer CD6 : Encounter, That kiss is yours (Stumblin ‘In), Just a few days (Cosa sei), Black peacock (Hard to Say I’m Sorry), Ancient loves, Rainbow fairy, Walking to us is doomed (Couple of Swells), Hey, bass master (Mister Bass-Man ), Play, music, I Know Him so Well, Autumn Love, It’s Not Already (Guardian Angel), Love, amore, Love story 2005, Love Story Theme, The Magic of Love ), Farewell letter, May, Two yellow chicks (Piano Jack and Dixieland), Adieu (L’adieu), My time

Publisher: Supraphon

Hana Zagorová celebrated her 75th birthday in the autumn of 2021, and the Supraphon publishing house prepared a gift for her fans in the form of a box with six silver discs, which mapped her work from the very beginning to the present. Dramaturgically, the whole work was divided into five CDs plus one bonus, which offers twenty duets. Luboš Kříž was in charge of the selection and at first glance it looks quite megalomaniacal. However, under the pleasing skin of the shiny red box, we still find a few shortcomings.

Above all, there are no delicacies, rarities or unreleased songs in such a large space. Since Zagorová’s selections came out, more sophistication would certainly not hurt. Although the booklet has 32 pages, there is a lot of empty space on it and it mainly brings photos, which are often known either from serial albums or the four-disc selection “Sincerely”, which was published on the occasion of the sixties of the popular artist. The even representation of the individual decades in the selection is also incomprehensible, with Zagorová releasing singles and especially albums with a submachine gun cadence in the 1970s and especially in the 1980s, and a severe decline in the 1990s. For this reason, too, the third disc is clearly the weakest and most boring album, and it will flash your head if you ever want to continue. The chansons completely lack artistic experience, the music of the melody, and the lyrics with quality words. However, this is followed by a sharp jerk at the helm, and the boring and whispered singer, who puts you to sleep with her speech, becomes the energy and feeling of a rushing dragon on the fourth disc. Suddenly you hear her experience every word, and while in the 1990s she only played the chansonnier more or less unsuccessfully, in the next decade her speech lacks nothing. And most importantly, he can again rely on great songs like in the years before the revolution.

The compilation as such therefore makes sense mainly for those who do not own Hana Zagorová’s last albums, because a substantial part of the songs got to choose from. And it’s good, because the group of young authors led by Marek Ztracený, Ondřej Brzobohatý, Radúz or Márdi z Vypsané fiXy is no flight and breathed a lot of life into her work. Nevertheless, the prevailing feeling is that this selection could be squeezed far more in all aspects. The song “Benjamin” was recorded in 1980, but here it appears in the section of the nineties. Unfortunately, just such failures make only another of the legendary singer’s selections a possible gem.

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REVIEW: Hana Zagorová’s jubilee selection “1968 – 2020” hides shortcomings in a shiny box