Radio Date: all new singles to be released in the week of November 5th

Radio dates November 5.

The new singles of Fedez, Arisa, the international collaboration of Annalisa and many others to discover in the following pages.

Radio date November 5, 2021

Tuesday 2 November 2021

Dj Matrix, Skar & Manfree, Marvin – Don’t count the hours (feat. LIAM) (Sony / Ego)
Tha Supreme – m%n (Sony)

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Alessandra Rugger – September (LaPop)
Gianluca Gemini – I Miss You (Top Records)
Le Ore – Cotto
Negrita – I learned to dream (MTV Unplugged / Live) (Polydor)
Sanlevigo – An insurrection
Sen – Bianco Avorio (Visory Records)

Thursday 4 November 2021

I love you Euridice – Mandorle

Friday 5th November 2021

Alaska – I’m fine (Believe)
Almariva – It’s Cold Even At The Sea (Sorry Mom! / Artist First)
Andrea Laszlo De Simone – Immensity (42 Records)
Arisa – Altalene (feat. Brown & Gray) (Pipshow Srl)
Bardomagno – In my feud (Feudalism and Freedom Records)
Blake Religion – Checkmate (feat. Mido) (Orangle Records)
Case – Blue
Chinny – The Last (Without Base Records)
Christian Rosso – Tu Regina, Io Mai Re (CDFCL Records)
Civico 47 – If You Want (Automatic Records)
Korea – Plaster (Polydor / Trident)

Dakar – Monia (Monia)
David Guetta feat. Annalisa, TY $IGN, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie – Family
Denny – Tempesta (feat. Crashbaby) (Smilax Records)
Eakos – Days and Months (Noize Hills Records)
Ema – Castelli in aria (Be NEXT Music / Sony)
Evanicole – I want (Engraved Records)
Fedez – Die die
Flexus – And then you (feat. Banda di Monzuno) (Caotica Musique)
Francesca Alotta – Diversa (Starpoint International Srl)
Francesca Monte – The One For Me (Rotbaum Records)
Francesco Da Vinci – Te arrubbat o’core
Freeezy – Apollo (Freeezy)

Galea – Girl
Ida Grasso – Corner of the Universe (Music is)
Ilaria Di Nino – Out of Time (IDN Music)
Kaldorei – Submerged Atlantis (Vanilla Dischi)
La Camba – Controvento (The Girl)
Laura Mà – You only hero (Laura Mà)
Maxi B – Squid Rap (Interbeat – Lion Music)
Nonostato – I have never been well (feat. Taris) (Hoop Music)
Rebel Bit – Toccaterra (Rebel Bit)

Sud Sound System – Souljazz (Salento Sound System)
Themorbelli – Therinascimento
Ulula & Laforesta – Poveri Noi (Auditorium Records)
Valerio Mazzei – We
Vegas Jones, Icon808 – two coins (Sony)
Vincenzo Incenzo – Pornocracy

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Radio Date: all new singles to be released in the week of November 5th