Radio Date: all new singles to be released in the week of November 12th

Radio dates November 12.

This week, the new singles of Alessandra Amoroso, White, Noemi, Fashion and many others.

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Radio date November 12, 2021

Monday 8 November 2021

Leftovers – Out of Time (Visory)
Dahel – Love Nepo feat. Sbrigaz & Praci
Denise Faro & Samo – Offside (8P Music)
Foschia – Crisalidi (Music Records Italy)
Mazy – Serpente (UDB Carousel Records)
Myra – Bonnie & Clyde (WOMEN LABEL)
Raffaele Poggio – Move your body (Italian Way Music)
Sara Loreni – Himalaya (UMA Records)

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Out of focus – With a bouquet of roses (Out of focus)
I’m Not a Blonde – Circles
Matteo Bergamin – Balla (Italian Way Music)
Midorii – Girotondo (Visory Records)
Mirko Mengozzi X Pupi Foundation – Generation PUPI (feat. Javier Zanetti) (PUPI Foundation)
Novelo – What’s wrong
Rosmy – Fake news (Riknoceronte)

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Bautista – Callao (Carosello Records)
Bowland – Am i dreaming
Bpgmvsic – Tra La Gente (Red Owl Records / Visory Records)
Christian Chiricò – Tell me if I’m dreaming (Il Branco Publishing SRL)
Le Ore – Cotto (Sony)
Mobrici – Night taxi drivers
Nobi – It Happens at Night (Sputnik)
Olita – Truce (Marco Olita)
Stefano Secco & Sarah M’punga – Miraggio (Tilt Music Production)
Wender – Sei tu (feat. Soah & Habanero) (Bang Record)

Thursday 11 November 2021

Francesco Savini – Schrodinger’s Cat (The Disc Hedges)
Senna – Russian Roulette (Rome 10)

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Friday 12 November 2021

Alessandra Amoroso – Useless song (Sony)
Elsewhere – Statue (Sorry Mom!)
Androman – Ancorami (AOM Music Records)
Anzj & Jake La Sapienza – Rain in Milan
Blanco – Till they bury me (Island)
Cassandra – November
We will cook donuts – Big shoulders
Dame Dm – Let’s Dance (Smilax Records)
Dayanira – Badgirl
Deci – Invisible

Elena Sanchi – Night Devils (Ondesonore Records)
Emancipo – Uno (feat. Neves) (Italian Artisan Music)
Ensi – Tomorrow (Juicy Music / Believe)
Eros – Aletheia
Francesco Sacco – Clothes
In Art Agnese – Stop me
Inigo – Brandon Lee

The Choice – The Silk Road (feat. Pan-ic) (Coffee Records)
The Larvae – Walking (Matilde Dischi)
Lost – Con un deca (Be NEXT Music / Sony)
Mambolosco – Pull Up (Universal)
Marco Albani – Running to You (feat. Andrea Sanchini & Javier Girotto) (Delta Top)
Marla – Candy (Aleph)
Marble – Airplanes (Dibenedetto Edizioni)
Matthew Lee – Shout Out Christmas (Superb Music s.r.l.)
Fashion – Fucking winter
Naomi – Look Down (Sony)

Novastar – Velvet Blue Sky (Virgin)
Nuvolari – Hours of gymnastics (Bomba Dischi)
Omär – Luna piena (OMÄR)
Phebo – Dream it too (feat. Davide De Marinis) (Starpoint International Srl)
Pushmmua & Pellerito – Mancò (PUSHMMUA & Pellerito)
Rose Villain & Rosa Chemical – Gangsta Love

Sangiovanni Con Madame – Lost in the dark (Sugar)
Santo E Stone – Ciricado (True x True)
Sick Luke – La Strega Del Frutteto (feat.Chiello & Madame) (Carosello Records / Thaurus Music / Sugar Music)
Valerio Mazzei – We (Sony)
Veniero – Michael Jordan (Feather Discs)
Glass – Inexorable Go (Red at sunset)

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Radio Date: all new singles to be released in the week of November 12th