Radio Date: all new singles to be released in the week of January 7th

Radio date January 7th.

The appointment with the radio date is back to discover the singles coming out in the week of January 7th.

At the end of the article you will also find a rundown of the singles released last week.


Saturday January 1st 2022

Ridillo – Good or Evil (feat. Johnson Righeira) (Cosmic)
Psalm – The Fallen Angel (feat. Shari) (Sony)

Monday 3 January 2022

Stefano Cilio – Breathless (DK Records)

Wednesday 5th January 2022

Hermes – Like Serpents (AD Music)

Friday 7 January 2022

Alex Guerrieri – Tell me it’s a joke (Liguerrieri)
Andrea Faccenda – In order not to fall back (Andrea Faccenda)
Angelina Mango – Ant (Sony)
Avus Ars – C9H8N2 (Benzodiazepine) (Sorry Mom! / Artist First)

Canova – Benedetto Inferno (feat. Gianna Nannini and Rosa Chemical) (Sony)
Carola Campagna – Not Now (Hit Factory)
Christian Baroni – You will run to me (JOINFORMUSIC srls)

Damiano Ruggiero – Parallel Lives (DR Music)
Daniele Coletta – It Rains On The Moon (Cantieri Sonori)
Debora Pagano – Donna Titanio (Gotham Discs)
Close Up – It’s Nothing (Settezero)
Dj Mauro Fire Vs Dj Martello & Cicco Dj – Over The Sky (Sound Management Corporation)

Elaisa Mancini – Will you look for me? Or not… (feat. Luca Bulgarelli) (Elaisa Mancini)
Enrico Ruggeri – The revolution (Anyway Music / 1CONA / Sony Music)
Enula – Il Buio (Mi Calma) (Universal)

Fabrizio Sanna – My greeting (DGM Studio)
Féfe – A Roma Termini (T-Recs Music)
Flat Bit – Tutto Tace (CDF Records)
Francesco Bertoli – Cosmo (Island of Artists)
Francesco Luz – Lividi (Sorry Mom! / Artist First)
Fulminacci – Brutte compagnie (Maciste Dischi / Artist First)
Thieving Mushrooms – White Shame (Thieving Mushrooms)

Gaia – Salina (Sony)
Gionnyscandal – you’re part of me (feat. Claudia Ciccateri) (GionnyScandal)
Giulia Penna – Love squared (Giulia Penna)

Hibiscus – Chemicals (Virgin)

Jack Savoretti – The Way You Said Goodbye (Polydor)
Lorenzo Lepore – Better So (T-Recs Music)
Lorenzo Valente – Sai (CDF Records)

Handicraft – From These Mountains (Sorry Mom! / Artist First)
Monica P – Without us (Monica P)
Neko Willer – I’m Here (MTmusic)
Nick Eyes – Casa (CDF Records)

Pietro Panetta – Dissonanze Cognitive (Just in Record)
Ricky Ferranti – Life in spans (LaPop)
Samuel – Electronics (Sony)
Santo E Stone – Gummy candies (True x True)
Santoianni – 15 Seconds (Iobohdischi / ADA Music Italy)
Crash – Tonight Mi Butto (Aurora Dischi)
Sick Luke – Solite Pare (feat.Tha Supreme & Sfera Ebbasta) (Carosello / Sony / Island)
Synchronous – Of All That Remains (Sorry Mom! / Artist First)
Stefano Cilio – Breathless (Remix) (DK Records)

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On the next page the singles of the week of December 31st.

radio date 31 December 2021

Monday 27 December 2021

Ary Music – Unsubscribe (San Luca Sound)

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Michael Tembadis – Amore & Libertà (love & freedom) (Flames Music Productions)

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Arly Joi – The Magic Night (Dama Music)

Friday 31 December 2021

Franco Micalizzi – Oye Como Va (feat. Ramon Caraballo) (New Team Music)
Genise – Let’s Talk About Love (feat. Andrea Cardillo, Leonardo Monteiro, Sabba, Timothy Cavicchini) (Hoop Music)
Il Sarto – Hero (Italian Artisan Music)
Mara Bosisio – Border (Latlantis)
Marco Mengoni – Mi Fiderò (feat. Madame) (Sony / Sugar)
Marco Ongaro – Solitari (A Gandalf Boschini) (Vrec / Andromeda Relix)
Modna – I’ll take you to Paris (Purple Mix / Believe)
Rosanna Fratello – I am a woman, I am not a saint (Clodio Music)
Stella – Si Si Madame (CDF Records)

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Radio Date: all new singles to be released in the week of January 7th