Radio Date: all new singles to be released in the week of December 10th

Radio date 10 December 2021.

Radio date 10 December

Monday 6 December 2021

17 – Masochist
Anna Stimabile – Falling is simple (Il Branco Publishing SRL)
Endi – Free song (Shock Therapy)
LaMatta – Berlin
Natalia Moskal – It’s Christmas (Fame Art)
Natalia Moskal – One Wish Only (Fame Art)
Power Combo – Natale Natale (feat. NATALE) (Help Music)
Roberto Reina – In the shoes of who (San Luca Sound)

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Dance Legacy – A Christmas with Love (feat. Neja, DJ Maxwell, Dhany, Kim Lukas, Nathalie Aarts, Melody Castellari, Annerley Gordon, Erika, Joy Salinas & Sandy Chambers) (Be NEXT Music / Sony)
Donatella Moretti – When you see my dear love (2021) (Interbeat Records)
Maria Gadú – A me ricordi il mare (SLAP, FREE SOUND)
Matilde – I don’t know who you are anymore (Falagiani Music Label and Publishing – Teorema Edizioni Musicali)

Thursday 9 December 2021

Axos – Molecole (Believe Artist Services)
La Sad – Nientex always
Wasabe – Farfalle

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Friday 10 December 2021

Alberto Nava – Delhi (Area 94)
Ale De Rosa – Something more
Alison daisy – Sudoku
Armundi ‘- One step after another (feat. Teddy Condello) (Misery and Nobility)
Axes – Molecule
Bautista – Coca (Carosello Records/The Orchard)
Billy Jean – You’re Not There (Here) (CDF Records)
Carlo Audino – Don’t leave me anymore (Seaside Music)
Cedraux – Today is weekend (Sony)
Chadia Rodriguez – Tutt* stran* (Sony)
Call Me Head – Goodbye Seriously (Sony)
Boundaries – Elective affinities

Danti – Space (feat. Nek) (Danti)
Denise Manno – Who knows’ (I DISCS)
Diorama – Non ci sono più (feat. Assurditè) (Terzo Occhio distributed by ARTIST FIRST)
EDA – Maybe I’m in (Greylight Records)
Effenberg – Act of Revolt (Sound To Be)
Ethos – 2difila (Gotham Dischi)
Flo – Boccamara (feat. Peppe Servillo) (SoundFly)
Folcast – Come no (Laboratori Testone / Artist First)

Gianna Nannini – Diamante (feat. Francesco De Gregori) (Sony)
Googa – Future (Distrokid)
I’m not a Blonde – 1984
Jaki P – Lost Causes (Gotham Records)
Kaufman – 6 minutes (feat. Dile) (INRI)
Laura Castronuovo – We deserve the sun (Laura Castronuovo)
Le Bisce & Inico – E ‘Too Late (Sorry Mom! / Artist First)
Liam – Lei Lei (Bit Records)
Lorenzo Santangelo – The orange (Lungomare Srl)

radio date

Margherita Vicario – The best of youth (Island)
Mattia Foderà – Hit (Pazza Idea) (H&H Zone mvnt/Enterprise8)
Mavì – Malinteso (Cantieri Sonori)
Max Nardari – Tonight (Reset Production)
Medicamenta – Sofa and Noia (Attic Records)
Melina – How did you say? (Melina)
Oils? – Enamel and tint
Orietta Berti – Full Moon (Sony)
Ortel – Nostalgia (Gotham Records)

Peppe Lana – In praise of slowness (800A Records / Samvega)
Pyt & Yaludream – Stella Blu (feat. Garelli) (Platinum Label s.n.c.)
Oak – lupo (Sony)
Scaccabarossi – He’s Stronger Than Me (Sorry Mom! / Artist First)
Shel Shapiro – The legend of eternal love (Azzurra Music / Shamanda)
Stefano Cilio – Tonight (DK Records)
Tiromancino – L’odore Del Mare (feat. Carmen Consoli) (Virgin)
Tish – Acid and Nutella
Ultimo – Superheroes (Ultimo Records)
Valeria Caliandro – Firmamento (Blackcandy Productions)
Young Dice – Fiori D’Assenzio (Sorry Mom! / Artist First)
Zucchero – The Scientist (Polydor)

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Radio Date: all new singles to be released in the week of December 10th