Musicultura 2022: a record number of registrations … almost 1,100 artists have registered. And 33% are songwriters …

Musicultura 2022, or the XXXIII edition, starts with a bang. There are in fact 1086 participants, a number that beats any previous record.

An important fact given that the event requires the only requirement to register to write one’s own songs. The Artistic Director, Enzo Nannipieri, comments this edition:

We have just started listening, they will keep us busy until the end of January, so it is too early to draw conclusions.

However, I can say that we dive into a sea of ​​songs that is suggestive in itself for as a photographer and tells, regardless of musical genres, the artistic passion of an Italy that, however shaken, has energy in store, gives itself goals, cultivates dreams. .


Here are some data of the participants: 80% are soloists, the remaining 20% ​​bands (last year they won the The Jab, now known as French Saints).

35% of those registered are returning, in fact they have already participated in the competition. Among the most represented regions we find Lazio in first place, followed by Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. The more “mature” competitor is 64 years old (Musicultura does not provide for higher age limits to participate in the competition), the youngest has just turned 18.

The data on singer-songwriters is important: 33% of 1086 registered, a significant figure taking into account the recent analyzes on the gender-gap disseminated by Spotify Italy, which notes that only 14.1% of the artistic proposals in the sales rankings are represented by women.

A sign that women are there but perhaps, as in all sectors, they find it harder to establish themselves.

Musicultura will open its stage next February, on the occasion of the Live 2022 Auditions. About 60 proposals, among the 1086 in competition, will be called to Macerata to present their artistic project more widely and perform at the Lauro Rossi Theater in front of the jury and , hopefully, again in the presence of the spectators in the hall.

All those excluded from the first selection will receive an accurate comment form, this is a peculiarity of Musicultura, much appreciated by young artists and artists in competition.

The 16 finalist artistic projects will emerge from the Live Auditions, which will be examined by the prestigious Artistic Guarantee Committee of Musicultura, in this XXXIII edition composed by Vasco Rossi, Roberto Vecchioni, The List Representative, Enzo Avitabile, Claudio Baglioni, Francesco Bianconi, Giorgia, Carmen Consoli, Simone Cristicchi, Sandro Veronesi, Niccolò Fabi, Dacia Maraini, Gaetano Curreri, Maria Grazia Calandrone , Luca Carboni, Alessandro Carrera, Guido Catalano, Ennio Cavalli, Diego Bianchi, Teresa De Sio, Francesca Archibugi, Mariella Nava, Antonio Rezza, Enrico Ruggeri, Tosca, Paola Turci, Ron.

Finally, 8 winners will be among the 1086 participants in the competition.

We will see them as protagonists, together with prominent Italian and international guests, of the final evenings of the Festival in June 2022 at the Sferisterio in Macerata, where the public vote will decide the absolute winner, to whom the Banca Macerata Award of 20 thousand euros.

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Musicultura 2022: a record number of registrations … almost 1,100 artists have registered. And 33% are songwriters …