Morgan furious about the cut to his song in the concert for Franco Battiato. Fabio Cinti: “Dear Marco, you no longer have measure and elegance …”

Morgan tribute Battiato… The cut, the reaction and the dismay of Fabio Cinti.

On January 5, in prime time, the tribute concert from the Verona Arena to Franco Battiato. The show got on a rampage Morgan who saw one of his performances cut. His utterances therefore hurt and provoked a reaction in Fabio Cinti, songwriter and producer, also present in the tribute to Battiato.

The show on the Rai it aired in reduced form for television issues compared to the original concert. Among the cuts, the reinterpretation of Morgan from Like a camel in a gutter, a piece by Maestro Battiato published in 1991 …

It seems that from the Franco Battiato tribute concert broadcast on January 5th my performance of the piece “Come un camel in una gondaia. That is my only solo contribution. Irremovable decision of the excellent conductor (such Pif).

The singer-songwriter then increased the dose by explaining that the other two performances, the one with the Bluvertigo and with Fabio Cinti, regularly broadcast, were decidedly less and those could be sacrificed …

THEN WE KNOW: I’m not a presenter I can’t care less if they broadcast even six hours of my messing around. I don’t give a damn about appearing. Is this clear to us?

What does it matter to me? Making music. Point. I was a collaborator of Battiato for that. I like Battiato for that. I was at the tribute concert for that. That’s the music.

MY SOLO PERFORMANCE WAS THE SONG THEY CUT. The other two were decidedly less important, exciting, successful. Less everything. They were secondary.

The heart of my musically existing both in my life and in Franco’s was in the CAMEL IN A GUTTER. And who saw it is an unspeakable incompetent, the enemy of all sentiments and all talents. Point.

Morgan Tributo Battiato: Fabio cinti’s answer

The singer-songwriter Fabio Cinti, also collaborator in the years of Franco Battiato (but also of Morgan himself), having read these words he could not help but respond publicly with a post on Facebook

“The other two [esibizioni] they were definitely less important, exciting, successful. Less everything. They were secondary. “

This is what is written by Morgan last night during “Dear BattiatThe“, A post where he complains about the cut of his solo performance with”Like a camel in a guttera”.

I can understand his disappointment (I do not know the reasons for the cut, but it was certainly not the only song, his, to be missing, I guess due to timing and direction choices), but I just do not understand and I do not accept this having to bury the performances with me and his parents so badly Bluvertigo: “Decidedly less important, exciting, successful… secondary”.

I can tell, dear Marco, once and for all? You no longer have measure, you no longer have sensitivity, you no longer have class, you no longer have elegance, you no longer have heart, you no longer have the capacity to judge, and you have lost the light that shone in your eyes, blinded by your own ego, this goddamn omnipresent ego of yours. And you’ve lost the sacred sense of friendship, above all.

In recent times there has been a series of mean behaviors towards me, but I have always been silent publicly, and I have even apologized if in private I have tried to make my reasons heard, trying to restore peace and tranquility, especially in virtue of what you have given me over the years (now long gone), and to face this affectionate tribute without tension.

But you just can’t not always put yourself in front, you can’t not put in the mouth of others that you are the best and that if you are not it is because someone has prevented you from being one, in an exhausting, childish, infinite search for consensus. Enough of this misery.

Cinti underlined what a podium Morgan learned from Battiato, shy, calm, elegant artist and never at the center of controversy …

Talk about Battiato as if you were at his level: but don’t you realize how far you were and how far away you are? Yet it is so obvious! You are good at remembering it, we know, good with words, but you have not learned anything, especially in terms of friendship and loyalty. It wasn’t enough to be his friend, collaborate with him or have his consent to be a giant like him. You are not the repository of its greatness, or at least you are not the only one.

Now you no longer sing with the voice of your soul, and you no longer hear who is accompanying you: you bark like a dog tied to a chain that has put itself on its own, convinced of who knows what plots against itself.
You could have complained without belittling others, instead you have once again chosen to offend publicly.

Nevertheless, “Signs of life“It was splendid, no less important, no less exciting, no less successful and no less secondary. You simply weren’t alone like the other one, and you couldn’t stand this, even though you got the space you deserved.

I was so happy and I was enjoying the show: you are a spoilsport, you are like those children who do not like the gifts received and then breaks those of others.

A new wave of words will come from Morgan. Probable… even if, we can tell you, we see some controversy associated with an event about a shy artist like Franco Battiato, puts a little sadness.

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Morgan furious about the cut to his song in the concert for Franco Battiato. Fabio Cinti: “Dear Marco, you no longer have measure and elegance …”