MAX CASACCI: his signature on the soundtrack of the biopic about Anita Ekberg with Monica Bellucci

Max Casacci signed the soundtrack of The girl in the fountain, the documentary on the extraordinary life of Anita Ekberg.

Protagonist of the biopic, directed by Antongiulio Panizzi, is Monica Bellucci, which, through her gaze, lets us enter the life of the Diva de The sweet life.

The main track Anita is now available in digital stores for 35mm (the sub-label of 42 Records dedicated to soundtracks, soundtracks and experimental music).
The musician and producer Max Casacci has come up with a truly innovative method to make this piece: using the vocal sounds of Monica Bellucci.

Tells Max Casacci:

“When Antongiulio he looked for me to propose a soundtrack, I replied – even before knowing the subject of the film – that I would have liked to make the music without using tools. Only noises and sound environments of the scene.
It wasn’t the right movie. The cut was documentary and there were numerous repertoire sequences. I then asked for more information and then re-launched: “Very well, then I could use, as instruments, only the vocal sounds of Monica“.
Monica she was shooting other films around the world, it was difficult to have her available to extract from her voice the “duuum, dscht, ahhhh, uhhhhh diiin, paaam…” needed to build the imaginary tools. But she was still intrigued by the proposal and had documented on my most recent works. Something we would have been able to accomplish.
The song Anita – created exclusively with the vocal sounds of Monica – will be the last to underline one of his walks through the streets of Eur. And it will also accompany the credits ”.

“In the meantime – he continues Max – I started with synthesizers and guitars, immediately finding myself grappling with a demanding challenge: sounding one of the most important moments in the history of cinema. Anita in the Trevi Fountain. Stuff to make your wrists tremble.
Following the suspended magic of that perfect moment, I opted for an ethereal rarefaction that was also a suitable key for most of the other themes related to the great diva.
Temporal suspension and a melancholy background note are there to underline the painful traits of an energetic, talented and successful life strongly marked by disappointments. The use of electronics shifts the plane of the historical reference and protects us from the temptations of “sound modernism.” A traditional soundtrack with nostalgic music, in fact, would not have worked ”.

THE GIRL IN THE FOUNTAIN – the story of anita

It was the year 1960 when the sinuous curves of an actress with a disruptive beauty, Anita Ekberg, upset the waters of the Trevi Fountain and the whole world. Precisely in that iconic scene de The sweet life from Federico Fellini, the history of cinema and collective memory has crystallized the Junoesque Swedish diva. But person and character in a movie are not the same and, for a lifetime, Anita has fought to prove it. The girl in the fountain is the story of an actress devoured by her own icon through the voice and sensitivity of Monica Bellucci, who carefully and delicately sets out in search of that character, to redeem the stereotypical figure of the “girl in the fountain”.

The documentary film is written by Paola Jacobbi e Camilla Paternò and, in addition to the music of Max Casacci, sees the extraordinary participation of Roberto De Francesco, Stefania De Santis, Eric Alexander.

The girl in the fountain it had its world premiere at the Turin Film Festival and is manufactured by Dugong Films e Eagle Pictures, in co-production with Shoot&Post, in collaboration with Musa, with the support of Lazio region.

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MAX CASACCI: his signature on the soundtrack of the biopic about Anita Ekberg with Monica Bellucci