Katia Ricciarelli phrases considered racist, homophobic, misogynist and GFVip6 enabling

The soprano note Katia Ricciarelli for some months she has been locked up in the house of Big Brother as a competitor of the GF VIP 6.

And this is nothing new. Those who were interested in it already knew it and maybe even follow his adventure.

Between representations of the Turandot and anecdotes about his intense private life, the Ricciarelli it got us used, right from the start, to a few too many slips, until a few days ago when the situation seems to have gotten out of hand and under the control of the authors and editorial staff.

But what happened to outrage someone like me, there Mosca Tze Tze who seemed to be asleep on her laurels?

Because we would have preferred to talk about a person of his artistic caliber, appreciated as a soprano all over the world, for other things …

Katia Ricciarelli he made his great musical culture available to all competitors, speaking, explaining and narrating, as only a good teacher, fully master and passionate about the subject can do. She taught and managed to stage, in the garden of the house, the Turandot with a show that has perfectly achieved its purpose.


Well, apart from that, the lady Katia Ricciarelli she distinguished herself for having uttered racist, homophobic, misogynistic phrases and, in order not to make us miss anything, enablers.


Already in the first weeks, turning to his adventure companion Alex Belli who wore a flamboyant shirt, the famous soprano defined her “da frXXXo“. At the time it was justified by the people of the web (and ignored by authors and host) by saying that, for the people of his generation, this term is used in everyday language.

Months go by and homophobic phrases still come out of the mouth of Katia which, this time, referring to the columnist Biagio D’Anelli, asks his interlocutor: “But it’s normal or gay? ”, Thus emphasizing that, if you are homosexual, you cannot be normal.

However, the situation has degenerated with the last episode aired on Monday 3 January, following the discussions that took place inside the house, in particular between her and Lucrezia Hailé Selassié, known as Lulu.

Honestly, I don’t even know why they argued, but in there they do it all the time and take bad words, to the point that Katia Ricciarelli she has become patently intolerant of anything that deviates from her thinking, way of acting or mood of the moment.


During the week he had shot zero on everyone, accusing, for example, Manuel Bortuzzo not to close the door when he returns home and repeating it several times. The other competitors pointed out that, being in a wheelchair, he has a hard time closing that door. But it seems that she doesn’t care: “as he opens it, he can close it“, So as to stir the attention of one of the athlete’s best friends:

Never was a sentence more unhappy than that uttered by Soleil Rises (“Whoever goes with the lame learns to limp“For those who can no longer limp).

The second guy’s fault Katia Ricciarelli? Probably being the boyfriend of her bitter enemy, so as to make her annoying even when he plays the piano where, often, he enjoys singing the songs of Last.

With Manuel Bortuzzo, among other things, he had also established a good relationship. In the first few months, in fact, the two are often entertained talking about classical music with Katia which has always made available its immense culture. And they had also started preparing a piece together (he at the piano, she the voice), which never went on the air.

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Katia Ricciarelli phrases considered racist, homophobic, misogynist and GFVip6 enabling