Jovanotti launches “La Primavera” with a dream video.

Jovanotti Spring is the first single from The Disc of the Sun, an album that will be composed in a completely surprise year.

This piece is described as a vivid sampling of emotions in which the voice of Lorenzo is perfectly harmonized, soft and delicate,

The single 80s synth pop mixes lean rhythm, sequencer, distortion and a pinch of French touch in the sweet, persistent and recurring bass. An invitation to take in the right energies, positive experiences, ready to keep alive the musical aura of each of us.

Jovanotti explains:

In June 2021 SPRING was born, but it looked a little too much like summer (on him) so I put it on the bench for a while.

When Rick asked me to listen to ALL the auditions I had (about 40) I put it in the queue, and when he heard it he asked me what I was talking about. Of spring I said, the season when nature blooms again, but not a domesticated nature.

This spring is wild, it has a tension inside, a supernatural strength, something that remains a mystery to me.

So he replied “let’s go into it”, and inside that chaos of a thousand tracks that we had put in the demo he did the magic and asked me to sing it differently, without pushing.

I thought of Franco, with me there was Pinaxa and I said to him “I try to sing it thinking I am with Battiato. Teach me, let’s pay him a veiled homage, a flower for him.


He video of Spring a psychedelic film short, a dream video shot on film by Thomas Ottoman and set in the spaces of the Teatro Grande in Brescia. In the video Lorenzo he is accompanied by his cronies Saturnino, Riccardo Honors e Kalifa Konè.

JOVANOTTI Spring as told by the singer-songwriter …

I noticed Tommaso Ottomano for a video by Lucio Corsi who is a songwriter I follow and that I like very much. We chatted for a while and the idea of ​​the video was born from our crossed imaginations and from the most disparate mutual references.

Some precise stylistic references: the images of Terry Gilliam, the splendid 81-year-old among the greatest directors of all time and his absurd adventure of the Baron of Münchhausen.

The commedia dell’arte, a true timeless radiography of Italy. Giants like DanteFerretti e FrancescaitSchiavo, the great Italian costumes, the Rococo, the travels in time, the videos of the early 90s before this format was transformed into an occasion for product placement and little more.

Tommaso he is very good and has an expressive force that is not aligned with the aesthetics of the moment, he doesn’t care about trends and aims at the effect, we had a great time working together, he is meticulous and poetic. My lifelong friend Umbertoangelini he directs the big theater in Brescia and for a long time we had promised ourselves to do something in that wonderful place and today the opportunity has arrived, it is a place of absurd beauty.

I wanted spring to have a funny and a bit magical video, with mixed emotions inside, as is the song, spring is flowering, and flowering does not govern it, you are in it, you participate.

In the video we fight, dance, play, run away and chase, give birth, jump on the bed, go through the 4 seasons like a theatrical company in search of its ever-changing scene.

The costumes I wear are the result of research into the great theatrical costumes, one of the looks is an original from a 1929 Rigoletto. The gold armor reflects the sunlight, and multiplies the worlds I step into like a mirror, and both me and the child who is born and immediately grows up have a golden tip of the nose, small details to discover among the many that are in the video.

The song is out on December 17th along with four other unreleased pieces that will compose The disk of the sun, an album in continuous work in progress.

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Jovanotti launches “La Primavera” with a dream video.