Italian National Singers: on 13 and 14 December in Naples, first edition of the Charity Christmas Padel by Givova

Return to Italian National Singers… on 13 and 14 December 2021, at 11.30, at the Azul Padel Napoli, on Charity Christmas Padel by Givova, the first edition of the sporting event, which combines sport, entertainment and solidarity.

In the two days four teams will be protagonists, the National Singers, the National Actors, the PadelArtists and a representation of the Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation, who will alternate on the pitch with numerous guests from sport and entertainment.

ITALIAN NATIONAL SINGERS and more … The declarations

The PadelArtists conceived by Simone Barazzotto is the first official team in Italy that has brought together TV, sports and celebrities who are passionate about padel under the same jacket. This is the statement of Simone:

When they offered us to come and play in Naples for the Ferrara Cannavaro Foundation together with the National Singers and National Actors, we could only answer present.

Our technical sponsor Givova strongly wanted this solidarity project during the Christmas period. PadelArtisti will do all they can to bring home the winners’ trophy even if, as always happens at our events, solidarity will win..

These instead are the words of Gian Luca Pecchini Dg of the Italian National Singers which this year celebrates 40 years of humanitarian activity, under the presidency of Enrico Ruggeri, has developed a unique solidarity project in the world with its over 100 million euros entirely donated …

The Italian padel leaves the circles and fields of the suburbs and enters the great sport the interest in this new discipline is growing and we too have created the National Padel Singers.

The event Christmas Padel, in favor of Cannavaro-Ferrara Foundation where, once again, our indissoluble binomial is: sport and social.

Ciro e Vincenzo Ferrara of the Foundation Cannavaro Ferrara Onlus declare:

We are very happy for this collaboration with the National Singers, National Actors and PadelArtists that we thank. A great joint social responsibility action through which we will be able to carry out the project linked to the restructuring of the Ciaravolo park in the Loggetta district in Naples. A beneficial goal, which we have espoused, so we will enthusiastically take part in the tournament with one of our teams.

The event

The Charity Christmas Padel by Givova will include an Italian round with four teams of six players. The two teams that have achieved the best score after the first round will compete in the final by choosing a pair made up of their two best players.

Ciro Ferrara, Fabio Cannavaro, Paolo Cannavaro, Giorgio Borghetti, Stefano Meloccaro, Jonis Bascir, Gilles Rocca, Mino Taveri, Marcello Sacchetta, Roberto Ciufoli, Lorenzo Sarcinelli, Jimmy Ghione, Pierluigi Pardo, Vincenzo Ferrara, ZW Jackson, Sergej will take the field GK, Alberto Urso, Paolo Vallesi, Sal and Francesco Da Vinci, Andrea Guarnaccia, Moreno Donadoni, Diego Armando Maradona Junior, Francesco Cicchella, Stefano Masciarelli, Ludovico Fremont, Luca Capuano, Franco Oppini, Stefano Oradei.

The purpose of the event, in addition to giving emotions and fun, is to concretely contribute to the financing of social projects espoused by Cannavaro Ferrara Foundation, focused on different fields of intervention including aggregation, education, job training and the redevelopment of spaces.

The goal of the Association founded by the brothers Cannavaro e Ciro Ferrara is to help combat the various forms of childhood and youth distress in the city and province of Naples.

ASTA CharityStar

Each sportsman / artist will be supplied with a double jersey created just for this event to be autographed, in two different positions and personalized with the name. The materials will be auctioned on the online platform CharityStar .

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Italian National Singers: on 13 and 14 December in Naples, first edition of the Charity Christmas Padel by Givova