Interview with Nuvolari: the debut album “Slowly” talks about love and ….

The singer-songwriter Nuvolari (at the registry office, Matteo Pisotti) releases his debut album, entitled Slowly. The disc, available in store digital since October 22, 2021, is composed of 9 pieces that tell the personal world of the artist.

Nuvolari, originally from Piacenza, began writing his first songs under the influence of past songwriters and Brazilian music. His music mixes and presents the life experiences of a 20-year-old a Milano: from the university of economics to public transport, to the world outside his home. The external stimuli and the need to express oneself in a current key have converged in the passages Persians, Out of Course ed Emilia, published following entry into the roster from Bomb Disks, after being noticed by Calcutta.

With the release of Slowly, Nuvolari he continues to talk about himself and to reveal his world. What he will also do on the occasion of the live presentation tour of the disc. Starting from Novemberin fact, the singer will offer the songs from his debut album live for the first time. The dates are four at the moment. Below you will find the calendar:

November 4 – Bologna @Cortile Cafè_ Slurp
November 6 – Milan @Arci Beauty
November 19 – Rome @Monk
10 December – Turin @Off Topic

On the occasion of the publication of Slowly, We reached Nuvolari to talk about the album, the songs that make it up, and also about his future projects. Here’s what he told us!

Interview with Nuvolari

Hi Nuvolari, welcome to All Music Italia. On October 22nd your debut album, entitled Slowly. Before talking about the record, I’d like you to introduce yourself to our readers. Your name is Matteo Pisotti, born in ’96, originally from Piacenza and….

I am a guy who has been writing songs for a few years. I think this is enough!

How was the stage name Nuvolari born?

When Bomba Dischi contacted me I didn’t have a stage name. We were looking for one because the name and surname did not convince us, we wanted something that reflected the imagery of the songs: a little dreamlike, dreamy. So I proposed Nuvolari, which is also the name of Dalla’s song. I have always loved that name and so we have misappropriated it.

After the single Persians, your first album is out Slowly. Why did you decide to call it that? What are the emotions you are feeling right now?

Slowly because I’m a bit lazy in the first place. But also because the disc is full of ballads, of “slow” if you like. In addition, there is the intention not to take part in a way of making music that today seems to be the most popular and that is to publish songs after songs. Maybe that’s the right way, but I like to write when I feel the need or when I enjoy it, more slowly.

The disc consists of 9 songs, all very intimate; and you interpret them almost whispering to them. Listening to the songs, it seems that they are linked by a red thread that is love. Is that so? With what criteria did you choose the pieces?

Yes, love is the main theme but I consider it a context in which to move to say other things, to talk about myself intimately or express my ideas. There is no logical criterion in choosing these pieces: they are most of the songs I wrote in the last two / three years.


The first piece of Slowly And Commuter love. The song describes a love story set in Milan. Is it an autobiographical piece? How did your original title come about?

I went to university in Milan and for some time I was a commuter because I lived in Piacenza and got off at the Greco Pirelli station, so yes, it’s an autobiographical piece. It’s the only song on the record that I wrote the lyrics first and then the music: usually it’s the other way around or in any case they come together. I imagined this story between the early mornings on trains and the head that detaches during the journey, thinks of something else: for this Commuter Love.

Then there is Arizona. Can this song be called a sweet dedication of love to the other person?

Arizona can also be defined like this but there is still a detachment between the two characters, in fact it says “I see you far away and I move my hand but from another planet” just to point out a distance.

In Vampire girlInstead, you tell in a light-hearted and ironic tone the relationship with a girl that is now over. How was the image of the vampire girl born? Have you ever experienced a suffocating relationship?

Girls Vampire was the funniest piece to write, both for the lyrics and for the music: I liked putting that organ as well as making an almost psychedelic bridge that comes out of the box on the record. In this case the love story is not personal, it is more “picturesque” and functional to give context to the music.

Blu reads: “it’s a lifetime that I look at my sky and I wonder what it is like when you are not here, now that you are not there I look at the sky and it seems bluer to me“. The song contains a realization that sometimes the end of a relationship turns out to be a good thing, rather than a bad thing. In your personal and artistic life, have you ever found yourself in a situation like this?

Yes, Blue is a relief roll in that respect. The refrain is meant to be a cry of liberation from overwhelming situations. I found myself in situations and relationships where there was a sense of imprisonment but it corresponds more to a personal state of mind.

Also Ten thousand is about a love story set in Milan. In this song, as in Commuter love, return to the metropolis you moved to. What does Milan mean to you?

Milan was the city where I did the economics university, at the Bicocca. I never let myself be too captivated by its attractions and opportunities, but it was certainly fascinating for me: it was the first metropolis that I lived in my small way and that forced me at different rhythms, to walk down the street without knowing anyone. In the writing of the pieces then the imaginary of the metropolis entered in some way, so it is evident that even unconsciously that experience marked me.

Emilia has a rarefied atmosphere and is a dedication to your land. What importance do origins have for you?

They are important up to a certain point: I don’t feel like a slave to the place where I was born. But I did an Erasmus in Paris in 2019 and there I felt a certain homesickness for the first time. It became more important when I was away from it.

Another track on the disc is Out of course. What does it mean to be “an out-of-course student of life”, as you sing in the song?

I don’t strictly mean not taking exams, on the contrary. I mean the feeling that I often have of being late compared to many peers on some stages of life, on certain awareness that sooner or later each of us has, especially when you are twenty years old and try to build your identity a little. and you start to get some more awareness.


Then there is The hours of gymnastics: how would you define this song?

It is a very nostalgic song both in the words and in the arrangements, which draw a lot from the 70s songwriter. But it is also the song in which perhaps I was able to express myself more, to say things about myself that I consider important and that in other songs I may not have been able to explain so well.

Slowly closes with Persians, which was your debut single. You defined the song as “a mea culpa screamed slowly in the night“. Is there any mea culpa you need to do? Or do you have any regrets?

I would say more of a regret, which in that piece is precisely not having the right timing, not being ready at the right time, in love in this case but as in many other things.

Slowly marks the beginning of your musical journey. If you could read the future, what would you like to see in your future, maybe 10 years from now?

I hope I can continue writing songs and I hope they can be part of my life, which is not trivial.

Instead, what are your next projects immediately after the publication of Slowly?

There will be a small four date tour starting on November 4th. I will play in Bologna, Milan; Rome and Turin. I hope other cities will be added!

Thanks for this interview and the next one always on All Music Italia.

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Interview with Nuvolari: the debut album “Slowly” talks about love and ….