Halloween: We’ve selected 5 movies available to marathon at home

October is the month dear to those who enjoy horror movies. Influenced by American Halloween culture, the month became popular as the time to dedicate to genre films. Thus, cinemas and streaming are dedicated to enriching their catalog with productions about monsters, crimes and many doses of fear.

In 2021 it will be no different. So we leave you five nominations for horror movies, available in streaming and on demand.

Skull: The Citara de Anhangá

skull a máscara de anhangá halloween

Production collection | ‘Skull: The mask of Anhangá’

The first indication to see this Halloween is national terror Skull: The Citara de Anhangá, from Armando Fonseca e Furman Chapel. Success outside Brazil, the production debuts this weekend in several streamings such as NOW/NET, course video, YouTube, Apple TV+ e Looke. A mystical artifact that disappeared for centuries reappears in São Paulo and, as its power increases, the millenary entity that embodies in the mask leaves a trail of blood and terror in the great metropolis.

the eyes of the city are mine halloween


In this 1987 classic, a man is losing his eyesight due to diabetes. First of all it is important to note that he is an employee of an eye clinic, so he is well aware of the seriousness of his illness. Shortly after being fired from the company, the man is hypnotized by his mother for the purpose of collecting human eyes for revenge. A film that causes, in addition to tension, discomfort for showing scenes of eye perforations. The direction of the film is from Bigas Luna.

Welcome to the Blumhouse bingo hell

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For those who want a Halloween night with a bit of horror, but also a dose of comedy, the best choice is Bingo Hell, from the Mexican-Canadian Gigi Saul Guerrero. Lupita lives in a community where most residents are elderly. Shortly after the change in the administration of the local bingo, some of his friends die in suspicious circumstances. So, Lupita decides to find out what’s going on in the region and face the evil that corrupted the residents’ minds, while fighting for her survival. The film has a lot of fun dialogue and innovates by putting an elderly woman in the role of final girl.

demons and wonders halloween coffin zé

Belas Artes A La Carte

If you want to take advantage of the date to learn more about Brazilian cinema, the indication is the documentary directed by Jose Mojica Marins, the eternal Zé do Caixão. Since playing the Brazilian gravedigger for the first time, Mojica faced some difficulties, not only financial, but also censorship during the military dictatorship. Thus, in this production, the filmmaker autobiographs and interprets himself in order to show the path taken. The film has the presence of Carmen Mojica, mother of the director.

the night of terror halloween

One of the classics of horror B cinema is available in the catalog Mubi. the night of terror was based on the tale The Secrets of the Sea, from Curtis Harrington, director of production. At first the movie seems to be just a novel about a sailor (Denis Hopper) obsessed with a girl, but the feature film changes its tone when the girl tells the boy that she is a mermaid. From then on, the production assumes a subtle horror, often poetic, especially for its sequences with fantastic elements and oneiric atmosphere accentuated by black and white photography.

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Halloween: We’ve selected 5 movies available to marathon at home