FRIENDS OF MARIA DE FILIPPI: the summary of the seventh episode aired on Sunday 31 October. Nek judge of the week

Friends of Maria De Filippi summary of the seventh episode broadcast on Sunday 31 October 2021.

The presenter immediately starts the boys with some of the performances that did not air in the previous episode. And let’s start with LDA.

To prove that Anna Pettinelli it is wrong to call it a Gigi D’Alessio 3.0 Rudy Zerbi has a piece of his father’s song sung, Gigi D’Alessio, a Luca. The song, completely re-edited is The love that is not there.

For the Pettinelli it’s a Kamikaze performance as she thinks it is Luca he must detach himself from his father’s model. LDA does not agree, for him it is the way to demonstrate how much he is Tooth They are different.

The pupil of the Cuccarini, Alex, engages with an interpretation test on three pieces as the second Rudy it is static and always looks up to the sky while singing. The songs are by Roberto Murolo, Lucio Battisti e Jovanotti. Shirt confirmed.

Christian received this week received a red envelope from Veronica Peparini. For her, he has good potential but he is not putting in effort. For him it is neither meat nor fish. The challenge is with Daniele, according to her most aware dancer. Judging the challenge will be Garrison.

They dance on Hurts from Emeli Sandé. Christian manages to win and confirm the shirt.

Friends of maria de filippi summarized who is the most of the realm

Light moment. Maria shows a video of all the boys in the house, accessed by Guido e Tommaso, struggling with the mirrors of the house to check their body. The audience will then have to choose who is the fairest in the realm.

One of them will win the “beautiful and impossible” award. In third place he ranks LDA. Second place for Alex. First place the dancer Mattia.


Tommaso after finishing last in the cover competition of Ermal Meta and having faced a challenge, he must make another one having finished last also in that of the unpublished ones judged by Giorgia.

The challenger is Thomas and the challenge is on two unpublished: Chains per Tommaso, Inside the memories per Thomas. Overcome the challenge Tommaso which thus confirms its presence in the school.

Friends of maria de filippi Summary of Mattia’s challenge

We move on to the dancer Mattia. In recent weeks there have also been rankings for dancers. In that of improvisation judged by Emanuel It and in that of memory and style judged e Anbeta the boy always finished last.

For this his teacher, Raimondo Todaro, has made a decision about his pupil: he would like his colleagues to subject him to an immediate challenge.

The challenger, chosen by the production, is called Eleonora. Judge the challenge is Nancy Berti, international judge of Latin American dance.

Mattia start with a duos with Francesca, Eleonora step two with Umberto. The boy wins and reconfirms the shirt.

THE CHALLENGE of singers JUDGED by Nek

This week the production brought the singers 22 songs asking them to choose the one that best represented them. The boys were free to write a verse but not only that, they also had to write a few lines to explain what love is for them.

The competition of these covers is judged by Nek. The last classified will go into the challenge.

The first to perform is LDA that he chose Always forever from Francesco De Gregori. Per Alex the song is Who knows if you know from Lucio Dalla and overcomes LDA.

Third singer in the race is whites with The sky in the room from Salmo. Tommaso instead he chose a song by Lady Gaga ea has to sing with his girlfriend in video link. Alex remains at the top of the provisional standings.

Luigi, which he always included in his concerts At least this time from Nek, sings For two who like us from Brunori Sas.

The choice of Rea is a song by Tracy Chapman. The girl overcomes Luigi e Alex and goes overhead.

Simone he chose Chernobyl flowers from Mr. Rain. He follows Nicol with a song, One of the U2, which tells a lot about her and the awareness that this is her only life. .

But sings This stupid love song of ours from Tommaso Paradiso.

Here is the final ranking:

  1. Rea
  2. Luigi
  3. Alex
  4. whites
  5. Tommaso
  6. Simone
  7. Ltd
  8. Nicol
  9. But

Come in Sissi, 22 years old who sings one of his songs, How how. The commission believes that the girl is a talent, the teachers will have to choose if she can enter the school. All three teachers like the girl… during the week she will talk to all three and choose who to work with.


To challenge the boy was Veronica which clashed on the choice of choreographies to perform with Alessandra Celentano (you see who).

The boys both have to dance to two choreographies created by the two teachers, choreographies made specifically to put the other in difficulty. The judge Garrison chooses Guido which thus remains in the school while Alessio does not win the entrance.

The performances continue and it is the turn of Serena which, soon after, is attacked again by Alessandra Celentano who deems it “big”.

Dario performs a solo for the additional rehearsal of TIM with Giulia, winner of the last edition of the program.

It’s up to Luigi which comes connected with Michele Canova who worked on his unpublished, Wall.

Closes the episode Michele Well done which presents its new unreleased live, Chronicle of an uncertain time.

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FRIENDS OF MARIA DE FILIPPI: the summary of the seventh episode aired on Sunday 31 October. Nek judge of the week