Friends of Maria De Filippi: summary of the sixth week from 25 to 29 October

Friends summary of the week from 25 to 29 October 2021.

There are so many things that happened in the sixth week in the school / talent show of Channel 5. Let’s go and discover them together.

Friends of Maria De Filippi The meeting between Albe and Sangiovanni

Maria enters the school and calls whites, the winner of the ranking of unpublished works drawn up by Giorgia. The presenter invites the boy to the studio to sing his unreleased song alone in the studio, Millevoci.

The other good news of Maria is the one on the boy’s second unpublished piece, So beautiful which will be produced by Zef.

After performing with Millevoci Maria makes the boy meet by phone with Sangiovanni. The reason? Upon arrival in the school of whites this year everyone noticed (and pointed out) his physical resemblance to the winner of the singing circuit of Friends 20.

Sangiovanni advises to whites to fully enjoy the experience in school because he will experience emotions that he will rarely find in other contexts. Against whites

tells his complex, or rather what makes him a little uncomfortable … the fact of being exchanged, even before Friends, always for Sangio.

Sangiovanni suggests him not to listen to people and not to read the comments on the web and, above all, to continue as he is doing because before being a good artist you have to be a good person.

Thomas’s doubts

In the challenge of the unpublished judged by Giorgia Tommaso came in last and that shocked the boy who had already finished last in the cover challenge judged by Ermal Meta.

The boy unleashes himself with his teacher, Lorella Cuccarini. Being challenged for two weeks straight makes him nervous and stressed out. TO Lorella it does not matter if the boy makes a mistake, the important thing is that he takes the brake off, that he lets himself go, also working on body language.

Friends summary dance challenge for I drive

Veronica Peparini decided to challenge Guido, new student of the Celentano. For her the boy is technically good but not very interesting. It lacks personality, is uncommunicative and cold.

His challenger will be Alessio a powerful dancer, skilled in hop hop and when on stage he is aware of what he is doing.

Alessandra Celentano does not fit and sends a letter:

Veronica Peparini in her letter to Guido says that technique doesn’t matter so much to her. The technique now seems to have become almost something more, a useless tinsel, when instead we all know that in dance, all, the technique is indispensable.

When I say that in a dancer I look for completeness I mean physical, line, movement, coordination, artistic musicality, stage presence… in short, everything that makes a dancer good….

This is why I will be the one to choreograph the piece in common between Guido and his challenger and since for Veronica the technique is not important it will mean that the challenger will focus on the interpretation and Guido on the technique.

Mine is a choreography that requires all the requirements I look for in a dancer.

The Pepperini however, it will have to accept this type of challenge, a comparative one, for it to take place. A meeting takes place between the two teachers that lasts an entire afternoon episode.

The Celentano shows her colleague the choreography she would prepare for the challenge. There Pepperini she replies saying that according to her it would be right to let the boys do their workhorses, the choreography of Alessandra and then a Hip Hop choreography for Alessio.

The production shows a Guido also the choreography conceived by Veronica Peparini.

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Friends of Maria De Filippi: summary of the sixth week from 25 to 29 October