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Sufferings, romances and dancing or melodic sounds are an indisputably unavoidable and accurate fusion. In brief words, this formula was first introduced in the 1950s in the United States and United Kingdom, the so-called pop music. Due to the excellent receptivity, the pattern has been repeated multiple times since then, acquiring new shapes, structures and configurations.

Talking about the style in Brazil is even more fascinating and significant, since, on national soil, the genre gains impressive developments from the Brazilianness brought to the songs. The songs externalize an original identity with representative and visceral combinations.

In 2021, the genre reached its peak with memorable experiments due to new melodic proposals, reinvented artistic identities and radiant sound combinations in iconic records. What Brazilian pop lived this year cannot and should not be forgotten anytime soon. If the albums below are not the only ones responsible for this splendid moment in the scene, they are proof that 2021 was great for the style.


Jão is one of the main names in Brazilian pop since the release of LOBOS (2018), her career debut, which carries the two greatest hits I will die alone e Immature. Known for a heavy suffering, the artist has always stripped of vulnerabilities amidst the dancing sounds; and Pirate, his third studio album, confirms the singer’s musical identity.

With the new project, Jão manages to renew himself within his own discography, presenting a more optimistic perspective in relation to love – a speech that sounds like ‘it’s okay not to be so well.’ This new moment is also marked by an even more danceable sound, with strong references to electronic music.

Marina SenaAt first

One of the most incredible surprises of Brazilian music in 2021 was the singer’s solo debut, who, “first-rate”, presented a completely fascinating and original work. The melodic combinations of pop and Brazilianness gain the artist’s eccentric identity and are presented in an authentic and ingenious format.

Marina Sena threw herself into the lyrics about relationships – from love and the end of relationships to self-love and empowerment. With striking choruses, exceptional sounds and the singer’s powerful voice, At first it is a masterpiece of Brazilian pop and, I dare say, one of the best Brazilian premieres in recent years; certainly an inspiration for our music.

Duda BeatI love you out there

If it’s to suffer from romances, breakups or unrequited love affairs, let it be accompanied by a great soundtrack. I love you out there, second album by Duda Beat, fulfills this request in a grandiose way – and the multiple lyrics gain more powerful meanings from the artist’s original sound.

Since the beginning of his career, Duda has bet on the intertwining of pop and Brazilianness, proposing a contemporary and original mix for Brazilian music. On the second studio album, he expands his own references and brings more unusual and complex sounds throughout all the songs.

Pabllo VittarTropical Beat

Also acclaimed by foreign critics, Tropical Beat is the fourth studio album by the equally prestigious Pabllo Vittar. Distancing itself from the proposal of the mainstream with that very characteristic pop, the artist dared on the new record and presented a more regional content, full of musical references from the North and Northeast.

The album consists of three new tracks and six re-records of hits from the hits of the bands Companhia do Calypso, Ravelly, and Batidade. In the versions of the songs, Vittar brings its own (and unmistakable) identity and overflows with contemporaneity – resulting in a unique and daring work.

Carol Biazinkiss of judas

Promising Brazilian pop artist, Carol Biazin is a notable standout of the style. Her debut album not only marks an important beginning for the singer’s trajectory, but also brings a freshness to the national scene of the genre, with well-known characteristics of pop music.

Although she mainly relives the musical structures of the genre, the artist is not attached to it and, in a confident way, explores the most diverse sound possibilities. Brilliantly, Carol Biazin blends traditional pop musicality with contemporary and Brazilian elements throughout kiss of judas – a sure and powerful formula.

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Five Records That Prove How Brazilian Pop Lives A Great Moment in 2021 | Pave Music