Eros Ramazzotti signs an agreement with Vertigo and tries to change the rules of the recording industry

Comes in the press release a news that revolutionizes the world of music starting from the live … an agreement between Eros Ramazzotti e Vertigo which sees for the first time an Italian artist sign an agreement that embraces all aspects of the discography by changing the rules of the record industry.

But what will happen in practice? Let’s find out together.

Eros Ramazzotti he is therefore the first Italian artist to sign a global agreement for his artistic activity in the world: a deal that is an absolute novelty and that wants to restore priority to a way of enjoying music that is as immersive as possible and that offers above all a 360 degree experience for fans.

An agreement between Radiorama – the historic structure that produces all the artistic activity of Ramazzotti – e Vertigo, an Italian company belonging to the group Eventim Live International, the German entertainment giant.

For the first time, an Italian artist shares all the aspects related to his career with a single subject, leader in the production of live performances. Through this innovative agreement, all activities will therefore be harmonized with a shared and common goal: from discography to concerts, from sponsorships to television rights.

EROS RAMAZZOTTI, forerunner of a new era?

The bet at the base of this agreement is to bring profound innovations to the way of enjoying music, directly reaching the fans with ad hoc operations designed to offer total immersion in the world of Eros.

Radiorama e Vertigo thus they choose to also embrace all aspects of the discography to bring the user closer to the artist by focusing on a 360-degree vision that enhances the physical experience as well as the digital one: the fan can, for example, buy a ticket for a concert and access the at the same time with priority for the purchase of discs, of particular limited editions or exclusive experiences reserved.

An agreement that wants to be revolutionary compared to the fast model on which today’s music is based: the agreement wants to go back to the roots of a common passion – that between artist and fan – in which, for example, you can enjoy a precious object, such as the cd or vinyl is of paramount importance to build a total music experience.

A new way of designing the artistic activity of Eros Ramazzotti therefore, which uproots the status quo of Italian music in the world. This is the comment of Andrea Pieroni, CEO of Vertigo:

It is a challenge that we have accepted with enthusiasm and that we will face with conviction. Eros is a unique artist, whom we have always loved and we are happy that he is a pioneer with us of this new way of experiencing music..

Of course, of the same opinion Gaetano Puglisi, Manager of the artist and head of Radiorama:

With this agreement Ramazzotti confirms that he is one of Vertigo’s global priorities, and is the first Italian to test a new form of market by tracing the paths for the 360-degree distribution of his music in the world.

We want to bring back a total and complete way of understanding the musical experience. We want to change the rules of the music industry starting from the dimension that most characterizes the artist or the live: it is a model in which we strongly believe.“.

The release of the new album by Eros Ramazzotti is set for the first months of 2022 and the World Tour is scheduled for next fall.

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Eros Ramazzotti signs an agreement with Vertigo and tries to change the rules of the recording industry