Cor Veleno and Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti publish “The free people” (the song excluded from Sanremo 2022?)

Cor Veleno Free people con i Three Cheerful Boys Dead is the song released on December 10, 2021 that inaugurates the new musical project, a song that should be the one presented at Sanremo Festival 2022 but which was not chosen by Amadeus to participate in the Kermesse.

The song, out for The Storm Disks e Artist First, anticipates the musical project born from the meeting between Cor Veleno e Three Cheerful Dead Boys expected for the spring of 2022.

The two bands have been dating in Rome since 2019 with the idea of ​​doing something together. Between studio sessions and remote exchanges, something unexpected happened: the musical and geographical crossover between two seminal groups, one from hip hop and the other from independent rock, produced the original sound presented today.

Davide Toffolo, of the Three Cheerful Dead Boys, explains the writing of the piece as follows:

The refrain of ‘The free people’ was born in those Roman days when I was shooting with certain rappers. Some acquaintances of mine asked me if I really knew who I was dating. But I only hang out and hang out with people who give me courage, with whom I feel strong, I don’t care how they dress or where they come from, and above all what others think of them. The key for me is this.

redo that every person has a deep desire to feel free and therefore for me this song is a kind of hymn to freedom. And then I like rap in Rome“.

According to Big Numbers, of the Cor Veleno, Free people changes based on who listens to it:

Lmusic, when it is free, manages to have this effect ”. The rapper then continues with a literary comparison: “’The free people’ makes me think of ‘The flowers of evil’ by Baudelaire where the flowers are art and music, what we artists put. In times like these, it seems that music is just a detail, a tinsel to add. We are the last category considered and this hurts. Art produces beauty against the degradation of society and therefore free people make me think of this as an image.

Cor Veleno Free people with The Three Allegri Ragazzi Morti

Free people was chosen as the first song from the new record project precisely because it represents the encounter between the musical sensibility of Three Cheerful Dead Boys and the musical sensitivity of Cor Veleno in a very explicit way. It is when the words come together with the music that a song becomes true and, as it tells Squarta, who produced the record together with Gabbo: “Working together was as if we were all in a shared space, but each with their own characteristics in focus“.

The cover of the single was made by Davide Toffolo who tells it with these words: “We both have a very strong symbol that characterizes us: for Cor Veleno it is the tiger, for the Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti it is the mask. To find a way to tell about our meeting we immediately thought of the tiger with the mask, which is a powerful image that renews both the iconographies of the groups. This first winter tiger promises beauty“.

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Cor Veleno and Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti publish “The free people” (the song excluded from Sanremo 2022?)