Billie Eilish fashion. the singer’s changes during her career

With a record of one million likes in six minutes, the photo of Billie Eilish who introduced her blonde hair to the world marked the beginning of a new era in the career of the American singer. At age 19, two albums and multiple Grammys, Billie moves into a new era, exploring a new style and visual identity.

After releasing their first single, “Ocean Eyes“, on SoundCloud, in 2016, the singer’s career took flight. His musical productions gained great popularity, ensuring his fame as a young pop star, and within that category of famous, one of the things that caught the attention was his style.

Breaking expectations, the singer developed a style devoid of exaggerated sensuality. Much is discussed about this choice, one of the topics being his young age, the intention to avoid sexualization and even his own insecurity about his body. The new age, in turn, embraces this aspect of Billie.

the change

With the famous blonde hair and talking about her second album, the singer made a cameo on the show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, where he explained the inspiration behind the change.

“I’ve wanted to be a blonde for a while… I don’t know what happened. I saw a fan montage of when I had green hair. It was like me, with the hair color I had at the time, and they edited it to blonde, and I was like, ‘Wow, this is awesome! I want!'”

And, with the change in hair, came the change in aesthetics. In May, the singer did a rehearsal for British Vogue, featuring a style inspired by 20th century pin-ups and boudoir aesthetics. Pastel colors, sensuality and a cleaner style now dominate its visual identity.

pop identity

As expected of pop artists since David Bowie’s achievements as pop’s chameleon, the aesthetic has also come with a change in musical style. On the new album, “Happier Than Ever”, Billie explores even more intensely her relationship with music as a way to express herself beyond the expectations placed on young pop artists.

For her, music can be danceable and, at the same time, talk about deep issues. Much of the music on the new album speaks of her relationship with her own body and her right to her own image.

The artist already addressed these issues in her first album, “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”, and at the time her style was built from hip hop influences, always wearing oversized and genderless clothes.

Billie has always been a fan of logomania, and her looks are composed by her, with the help of stylists. The singer even developed the ability to customize t-shirts – all in search of personal expression. Art has raw meaning in your hands, whether in music or visuals.

Billie was recently confirmed on the Glastonbury 2022 lineup, becoming the youngest artist to headline the festival. The news was confirmed on Monday, the 4th, through the Twitter of Emily Eavis, organizer of the event.

The feat enters the list of achievements of the pop phenomenon, which, in 2020, was the youngest and only woman to take Album of the Year, Record of the Year, Best New Artist and Song of the Year – the four main Grammy awards. Billie continues in her new phase making music history and inspiring generations of new artists.

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Billie Eilish fashion. the singer’s changes during her career