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Crashes n’Crushes it’s a disk that Barbara Eugenia sculpted in detail in the studio, and every audition promotes an insertion of the listener in the intimate environment that the work proposes. So how to bring these new songs to the stage?

On the eve of her performance at Sesc Vila Mariana, in São Paulo, the artist told pavé music that it was necessary to give “a reconfiguration in some songs, because one thing is the studio, it’s very different from live, and there are songs that ask for ‘a little more’, ask for more moments, that make you want to keep playing”. On the record, the arrangements briefly accompany the verses of the songs (“It’s about the lyrics, it’s about the word. . “In rehearsals, we felt the need in certain songs, ‘wow, is it over? Let’s continue!’. So we did it,” she explains.

When asked about the process of reconfiguration of the compositions to better fit on stage, Bárbara says that she has “a little bit of difficulty, because I’m kind of attached (laughs), but when it’s time to let go, I let go. And then I get attached to the new form (laughs)”. She says that it is a process of “liberation” that also gives her a new look at the songs: “It has a teminha, a sound, a curve of the guitar that I say: ‘That’s what I need you to have’, because that for me is what brings the exact emotion of the song”. In addition, there is the insertion of the drums in the show, and the instrument was not part of the recordings. “It’s a rediscovery of the record,” he explains.

Even though it was the album’s release concert, Bárbara didn’t leave out her old songs, “even because the record is 29 minutes long (laughs)”. “There are those that I already know cannot be missed”, she says, “and, other than that, those that have to do with this environment, with the universe of Crashs n’Crushes. So, we brought music from Journal de Bad (2010) which it is all about, but which has not been on the show for a long time. And there are those that would not be my choice for the repertoire (laughs), but that would really be missed, especially in a first show after so long without playing. It’s nice to have this grace, to have this connection, this conversation with the audience that is there and wants to hear Around, Do you want to listen Because we fought“.

The presentation on the 14th is the first that Bárbara has given since November 2019, when she gave a great show at the Ibirapuera Auditorium, “a great way to end without knowing it would be a closing” – in her words. The week before the night at Sesc Vila Mariana requires not only an adaptation to the songs of Crashes n’Crushes, but also in rescuing the dynamics of the stages, shelved during the pandemic and all the uncertainties that last until today. “It’s a roller coaster of emotions”, comments the artist, “with a lot of dedication, a lot of love and dedication to make the most beautiful we can”.

Show: Bárbara Eugenia – Launch of Crashes n’ Crushes

January 14 (Friday) at 9pm
Sesc Vila Mariana – Antunes Filho Theater (Rua Pelotas, 141 – São Paulo/SP)
Tickets: R$40 (full price) l R$20 (half price) l R$20 (full ticket)
Sale: Online at sescsp.org.br/vilamariana
Duration: 90 minutes
Not recommended for children under 12 years old

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Bárbara Eugênia Tells How She Adapted “Crashes n’Crushes” to the Stage | pavé music