Andrea Sannino will be Renato Carosone in the musical Carosone the American from Naples

Andrea Sannino singer and actor confirms himself as a versatile artist, faithful to the nature of a Neapolitan singer, in enhancing Neapolitan history and culture.

His single Hug me, the symbolic song of the lockdown, has reached over 50 million views and a Gold Record.

Interpreter of Renato Carosone both as an actor and as a singer, actor in the historical series A Place in the Sun, three tracks in as many national films and much more.

Recently he was also a guest at the gala dinner in support of the projects of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation, to which Campania excellences were present such as Salvatore Esposito, Peppino of Capri e Cannavaro and where Andrea Sannino he performed in front of the great tenor.

In September the film by Alessandro Siani Welcome to the Esposito house where the soundtrack is from Andrea Sannino. Hundred rose is the piece written together with Alessandro Siani, Mauro Spenillo e Goofy Breast.

In the next Christmas movies there will be two more songs made and sung by Andrea Sannino.

Who framed Santa Claus which will be the film of Alessandro Siani e Christian De Sica e Hello beautiful from Pio and Amedeo.

Andrea Sannino – Carosone, the American from Naples

Andrea Sannino is ready to return to the Augusteo Theater in Naples with Carosone the American from Naples.

Musical written by the journalist Federico Vacalebre, directed by Luigi Russo which tells the story of the great Neapolitan musician.

The musical launched in April 2021 has ad Andrea Sannino Renato Carosone also in the CD dedicated to him.

Album that collects the most significant songs of Carosone, the American from Naples.

Staged with Andrea Sannino also Raffaele Giglio, John Learned, Claudia Letizia, Longobard Jeremiah e Forlenzo Massarone.

Carosone, the American from Naples is a true musical, but international, retro, but modern, built around the topicality of the Master of Torero’s lesson, whose centenary of his birth in 2020 fell.

Carosone, the American from Naples – CAST

The cast that will accompany Andrea Sannino is made up of a very young theater company, with bands and DJs on stage, with an electroswing dance troupe, which interprets the story of the most modern of Italian musicians, of his accomplices Gegè Di Giacomo e Peter Van Wood, gives Fred Buscaglione to the increased of other times ready to dance like novellas Maruzzelle.

The musical arrangements are by Lorenzo Hengeller. Remix in Gransta MSV.

Choreography by Ferdinando Arenella. Scenographies by Massimiliano Pinto.

Costumes of Antonietta Rendina. Lighting design by Gianluca Sacco. Sound of Daniele Chessa.

The Carosone complex is formed from Vincenzo Anastasio (Sax e clarino), Gaetano Diodato (Contrabasso), Luigi Patierno (Sax), Pino Tafuto (Piano) e Roberto Funaro (DJ).

The dance troupe of Maruzzelle and gods Sarracini is composed by Paolo Anzaloni, Gianluigi Cacciapuoti, Chiara Campochiaro, Federica Mosca, Francesco Sabella, Raffaele Siciliano, Marialucrezia Sorgente, Luca Squadritti e Lorena Zinno.

Production Theatrical Activities Management, in collaboration with the theater Trianon Viviani.

Andrea Sannino – Carosone The American from Naples – dates

Days and times of shows, info for ticket and / or season ticket holders:

Round A, recovery date March 20, Friday November 5 at 21:00.
Series C, recovery date 21 March, Saturday 6 November at 21:00.
Series D, recovery date 22 March, Sunday 7 November at 18:00.
Series E, recovery date 24 March, Tuesday 9 November at 21:00.
Series F, recovery date 25 March, Wednesday 10 November at 18:00.
Series G, recovery date March 26, Thursday 11 November at 21:00.
Series H, recovery date 27 March, Friday 12 November at 21:00.
Series I, recovery date 28 March, Saturday 13 November at 21:00.
Series M, recovery date 29 March, Sunday 14 November at 18:00.

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Andrea Sannino will be Renato Carosone in the musical Carosone the American from Naples