AMADEUS on the Sanremo 2022 Festival. From Tommaso Paradiso co-host to the quarrels behind the scenes

After having revealed what was said by Amadeus on the individual singers of the cast of Sanremo 2022 to the microphones of Password, well-known program of Rtl 102.5, let’s find out the statements of the artistic director on.

To the question “How do you prepare for the Sanremo Festival?“The presenter replied:

Among young people, an average of 800 songs plus those of Area Sanremo then about 50 (here there must be a typo in the press release. The pieces presented a Sanremo young there were over 700 of those ad Area Sanremo over 400 of which 21 submitted to the judgment of Amadeus Ed.).

I listen to the songs several times, watch the videos and read the bio.

On the big names, on the other hand, there is an obviously different methodology, he explains …

Of the Bigs this year there were about 330 applications, of these I took 22. I listen to the songs at any time because I have to assimilate them a lot, no one has to listen to them, it’s a decision I make alone. It is the most important and also the most difficult thing of the Festival in my opinion. I want not to make a mistake in the composition of the singers in the competition, for me Sanremo starts from there.

I listen to songs everywhere: at home and in the car which is essential for me. I work in Rome, I live in Milan and I often drive back and forth by car. The moment I listen to a song while driving, I realize if I want to turn up the volume or if I get distracted: if I listen to a song and think about something else and the song is over, then it means that maybe it hasn’t captured me. I take responsibility on my own for the songs I bring to Sanremo.

I have an author friend, Maximum Martelli, with whom I sometimes share thoughts, but he always tells me that I change my mind. I often change my mind: I make a list, I show it to him, after four days the list is different. He tells me I have to think for myself. When my definitive list arrives, half of Sanremo is done for me. How long does it take to get the list? About a month and a half.

I talked to all the participants, they don’t have the thought of the ranking. Everyone comes to bring their own music and to make it known to the public in the most important event we have.


Here are some of the more interesting questions asked by the hosts of Password or Nicoletta Deponti, Cecilia Songini e Niccolò Giustini:

Tommaso Paradiso as a co-host?

I like it when there are rumors. I think I was already on stage before even starting with at least thirty ladies of the show and not only, also many friends. It is right that this happens: Sanremo belongs to everyone and everyone must say what they think. I neither confirm nor deny.

Have you tried on your clothes yet?

I chose the fabrics. I let my wife choose the clothes, because I am also a bit color blind, in fact I always wear black and blue. I have to see the strong colors: the strong yellow I see, the pastel colors mess with me a bit. I will wear two dresses in the evening.

Besides Bugo e Morgan, did a fight happen that we didn’t hear about?

No, I must say that in Sanremo if you discuss you have to do it on stage. I get mad if they do it behind the scenes. Last year there was a great climate. When the Festival is around I say it, I don’t even go to the bathroom. If any technical problem occurs, what would I do? I can never move.

When the discussion happened between Bugo e Morgan I was back there, I realized that the text was not that but I thought he had forgotten the words. When Bugo went away I understood, Fiorello at that moment he was sleeping in the wings, we were almost at the end of the evening. He woke up suddenly, didn’t know what had happened and chose to go on stage to improvise.

There are absolute prohibitions to the Sanremo Festival?

I consider that singers are artists and artists should not be limited. I never censor any song, nor do I censor how I present a song. I think they are all very intelligent, they know what to do: if there is something that goes in a direction of provocation it is clearly a moment of spectacle, there is no vulgarity or something out of place. This is Sanremo too, today.

Sanremo must reflect what is the characteristic and personality of the singers in the competition.

This year’s opinion poll jury …

It will be a broader opinion poll, there will be a thousand. There are more ways to vote, radios will also be present and they will vote too. Why can’t the radio vote? It is not possible that in a place where songs are made that will then go on the radio, there are no radios. The radio must have the right to have its say within the Festival.

There will be the public at home, fundamental, remember that last year the televoting gave the victory to Moonlight and this is important. There is no way to win Sanremo. THE Moonlight? They are a group that was already on the springboard, I have no credit for their success, I just chose their song. They are now highly sought after.

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AMADEUS on the Sanremo 2022 Festival. From Tommaso Paradiso co-host to the quarrels behind the scenes