A letter to himself in “Confession – Story”, single that marks the return of Nesli

generation Confession Story text in the form of a letter addressed to himself for the first extract from the new recording project, a disc out in 2022 that will be anticipated by various publications.

Per Francesco it’s time for changes with a new label, Artist first, a new manager (Eugenio Scotto) and new awareness … ready to look to the future with an ever-attentive look even at one’s past.

With this in mind, the first album of generation, Ego.

The January 7 he’s out Confession – Story, track produced by generation e Raffaele Littorio, the passage is a letter that he writes to himself, in one go. It’s like training before a match, the breath before the jump.

The album, produced by Nesli with his new team, will be a project full of life, pain, blood and sweat; but also a free, deep and authentic record, just like this first extract.


Maybe I don’t remember what it was like when I was little
When I should have learned to feel unique
When I should have woken up from the worst nightmare
And when I should have known I was in danger
Maybe not, I don’t remember
This day is too long and I’m dying inside
I am not what I want, you are not what I want
You fuck the pride so this world is like you
He just wants a sign like a child within himself
I don’t look alike in all of this
I go another mile and I hate myself
How do you feel now that you’ve only seen the world through
Eyes wide open and a clear sky?
They look at me thinking I’ve lost
But I’ve never lost the sense
I am here writing and I don’t think about it
The mind always travels nonsense
I try to search, under the influence of the days
Because, if you feel affection, you sink
In the balance between imaginary worlds
Visionary sunsets
Between the bank accounts always equal
With all the money we spent we were millionaires
Maybe not, I don’t remember
When I had only this dream in my head
When I said to you: “If I leave, I won’t return”
I don’t believe in hell anymore
Or to a God who never wanted the best
For each of his children in this land
But I believe in war because I have it in my blood
Because to swallow shit sooner or later you get big
Maybe I don’t remember what it was like before this
Before realizing that basically nobody is honest
Before the signatures on the sheets and everything else
Before I see your face on a poster
Maybe not, I don’t remember
The battles made up to the last second
Waiting for your turn, your train, your day
Always lost inside the same bad dream
Maybe I don’t remember the sense and the fatigue
The madness and the desire in this fucking life
The friends that I have not been able to keep next to me anymore
I’m not bragging about it
But the devil, but the devil took the bench
Me sitting at the table on the last episode
If it were a series, it would be the last episode
If it were a series, it would be the weapon aimed
Maybe I don’t remember what life was like before
Before we understand that losing brings us closer
To the idea of ​​us, yes, but the worst one
To the idea that then, like the body, everything falls apart
Maybe I should go back to writing just for me
Not for you, not for him, not for them, not for her
They made money and there are many of them
For me they are dead
And I’ve never seen him as offenders
Speech one: I’m nobody
Over and out, fuck it

We would like to give thanks to the writer of this write-up for this incredible content

A letter to himself in “Confession – Story”, single that marks the return of Nesli