5 fun facts about movie soundtracks

When we watch a movie, andWe are experiencing a multi-sensory experience: we exercise our eyesight while listening to the sounds. It’s no accident that soundtracks are an important part of any production.

However, the process of building soundtracks is something very interesting, with peculiarities that people don’t always know about.

Do you like this kind of theme? So, follow below 5 trivia about movie soundtracks!

Orchestras on the soundtrack

There are some productions that use “ready-made” songs by various artists to compose the soundtrack.

However, depending on the type of film (and even the available budget), an orchestra is called in to prepare the soundtrack for the feature.

This is the case of productions like The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter. In practice, a conductor and his team of musicians are responsible for developing the songs, according to each situation.

This select group of musicians develops the scores, sharing ideas and suggestions. Usually, the scores are saved in PDF, which allows comments or markup to be made when using a specific program.

PDFelement is a good example of PDF editing software. In it, you can create a document from scratch, edit an existing file, insert comments, tags and even password – ideal for soundtracks or projects where a certain mystery is needed.

PDF Element

Image: PDFelement

famous voices

Often, soundtracks need the accompaniment of a voice to convey exactly the feeling desired by the director or the person responsible for the sounds.

In some cases, famous artists are called upon to put that weight on a song. A good example is in the 1992 movie “The Bodyguard”, which had Whitney Houston as the lead actress and singer of several songs.

The songs were so memorable that two of them won Oscar and Grammy nominations, “I Have Nothing” and “Run to You”.

U Can’t Touch This

When talking about the most used song in movie soundtracks, would you imagine that the winning title would be “U Can’t Touch This”, by Mc Hammer?

As strange as it may seem, in a recent survey, it was discovered that this was the song most used in cinema. However, it is important to know that the research only considered songs that reached the general public.

The song “U Can’t Touch This” is present in the soundtrack of several films, such as Natureza Selvagem (2007), Trovão Tropical (2008) and Gente Grande 2 (2013).

MC Hammer dancing

Image: Georgia Straight

grunge in cinema

The grunge movement was present in the 90s as a more visceral and aggressive evolution of rock. And thanks to a movie, which did poorly at the box office, that kind of sound reached more people.

The film was “Single Life,” released in 1992. At the time, director Cameron Crowe wanted the soundtrack to reflect the most current sounds of the city of Seattle.

As a result, the film managed to project bands like Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains – only Nirvana was missing from the list. One of the curiosities about movie soundtracks that shows how much a selection of music can go beyond the movie.

Beatles in the movies

To most people, The Beatles represent one of the greatest bands of all time. There are those who claim that they left the greatest musical legacy for generations to come, marking history forever.

One of the curiosities about cinema soundtracks is that, in Brazil, the Beatles only entered a film in 2010, in the feature “The Best Things in the World”.

Fiuk in The Best Things in the World

Image: Telecine

In the film, the Beatles’ music used was “Something”, one of the great classics of the Liverpool boy band.

music that makes a difference

The truth is, as captivating as a story is, it gets even more interesting when accompanied by the proper soundtrack.

By uniting the visual, the script, and an impactful soundtrack, we have as a result a film capable of awakening feelings and gaining our attention while it lasts.

These curiosities about movie soundtracks show how important the musical aspect is for the industry, requiring an orchestra, talented professionals and a good experience to identify the right sound, for the right moment.

And once you know these trivia, you will surely see (and hear) a movie’s soundtrack differently!


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5 fun facts about movie soundtracks