4 apps to listen to podcasts on your smartphone, even without internet

The habit of following podcasts has become increasingly common among Brazilians. But what do you do to listen to a podcast when you don’t have quality internet all the time?

This situation is more common than it sounds. People who spend a lot of time in transit, for example, often find points where the 4G connection has problems. As a result, the podcast is completely “hacked”.

A practical solution is to have apps to listen to such programs on your smartphone, even without internet. And there are at least 4 interesting options, which go beyond the Android and iOS own aggregators, that you need to know about!

Your media as an option

Before introducing the apps, be aware that you can use your smartphone’s media to store your favorite podcasts.

That’s because many podcasts are embedded in downloadable platforms such as SoundCloud. In this case, just download the podcast and move to your cell phone.

To transfer the content to your cell phone, you can count on Dr.Fone, a software that has a series of tools to manage media from a smartphone.

With Dr.Fone, you can transfer data from iPhone or Android with ease. In addition to uploading your favorite podcasts to the gallery, you can use the program to move WhatsApp from one device to another or make a backup.

Dr Phone

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Dr.Fone can also help you recover deleted data, including podcasts that you delete from your gallery or from one of the podcast listening apps listed below!

  1. Castbox

The first among the 4 app options for listening to podcasts on your smartphone, even without internet, is Castbox. In it, you can find the most popular titles in Brazil.

With podcasts organized by categories, Castbox lets you download episodes to listen to when you can’t connect.

One of the most interesting settings is the automatic shutdown after a certain period. Ideal function for those who like to sleep while listening to a podcast.


Talking about podcasts and not mentioning Spotify is practically impossible. That’s because the app has become one of the most popular audio consumption tools in Brazil.

Most major podcasts publish their episodes on the platform, and there are original productions from Spotify itself.

One cool feature of Spotify is the tool to share podcast excerpts, ideal for those who like to share thoughts about what they’re listening to.

The Podcast App

Another option among the 4 apps to listen to podcasts on your smartphone, even without internet, is The Podcast App.

Its main differential is in the filter by duration of each episode. So, you can choose content that fits within the time you have available or according to your preferences.

To listen to episodes when the connection ends, just download the desired content in advance. It’s important to delete the items later so they don’t weigh on your smartphone’s memory.


Perhaps you’ve heard of TuneIn, but as an app for listening to internet radios.

However, what not everyone knows is that TuneIn is also a podcast aggregator, with the function of downloading episodes, so that the user can listen later.

In the catalog, you can find national and international podcasts, and there are exclusive contents for those who subscribe to the app.

Growing podcasts

For a long time, people believed that audio media was “dead” – except for music production, which has always had a good space.

In recent years, podcasts have gained in popularity. However, the peak of listeners happened during the pandemic, when people got to know other ways to consume content.

According to a survey by Globo, in partnership with Ibope, 57% of Brazilians started to listen to podcasts during the pandemic period, which caused an increase in demand for this type of content, leading to the emergence of new podcast channels.

In practice, if before the pandemic there were podcasts in a limited number, with an average of listeners, today we have a large production of this type of media, and thousands of people following the episodes.

woman recording podcastd

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If you are one of these listeners, you will certainly find these 4 apps to listen to podcasts on your smartphone, and on Dr.Fone, great allies to follow episodes even without internet.

So, you keep well informed, have fun and encourage the production of content on your favorite topic!

Jota Wagner

Jota Wagner has been writing, disco, and partying in Brazil and Europe since the early 1990s. He is currently editor in chief of Music Non Stop and cultural producer at Agência 55. He has contributed, using his ears, feet or hands, to the dawn of Brazilian electronic music.

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4 apps to listen to podcasts on your smartphone, even without internet