Movie Releases on Netflix February 15-21 – Movie News

‘Classmates’, ‘The debt’ and ‘The last house on the left’ are some of the novelties that will be released on the platform this week.

If last week the titles To all the boys arrived on Netflix: Forever, News from the great world and Red dot, among others; for the week that the streaming giant enters its catalog, films such as the original Classmates and Four stories of women, and the feature films The debt and The last house on the left.

Next, we leave you the complete list with Movies that will premiere on Netflix February 15-21.


‘Four stories of women’

Four stories of women is the title of this Netflix movie anthology. In each of the feature films, the intrigues, jealousy and secrets that are hidden behind the love relationships starring four women are known.

Premiere: February 19th


Classmates is one of the original films that lands on Netflix next week, The Taiwanese film follows four longtime friends, who try to control their frustration at not having fulfilled their dreams.

Premiere: February 20th

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Helen Mirren, Sam Worthington, Jessica Chastain and Tom Wilkinson are the stars of Debt, the ‘thriller’ that will be added to the platform’s catalog next week. Directed by John Madden, the film tells the story of Rachel, a former Mossad agent, who in the 1960s participated in the mission to capture Surgeon of Birkenau, a known Nazi criminal. Along with Rachel, Stephan and David were part of the command, in charge of hunting down this criminal. The love trio they starred in will awaken ghosts from the past in Rachel’s current life.

Premiere: February 16th

The last house on the left

The horror tape The last house on the left It is another of the novelties that will be available on Netflix starting next week. The ‘remake’ of the homonymous film by Wes Craven, directed by Dennis Iliadis, stars Mari, a young woman who, during her stay in the country house owned by her parents, is kidnapped with her friend, by an ex-convict and several of his disturbed friends.

Premiere: February 16th

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Welcome home, Roscoe Jenkins

Another feature film that joins Netflix’s extensive catalog is comedy Welcome home, Roscoe Jenkins. Starring Martin Lawrence, the film follows Roscoe Jenkins, who returns to the family home for a celebration hosted by his parents. Although he has built a successful career, Roscoe is still the clumsy kid he once was.

Premiere: February 16th

‘The crossing’

The crossing is the title of the ‘thriller’ directed by Martin Asphaug. The story has as its protagonist Andreas, who, after an accident, is bedridden in a wheelchair. To get a home adapted to your new needs, hire a carpenter. Soon, Andreas discovers that the man he has brought into his house spends too much time with his wife, a fact that creates a certain tension between the three of them.

Premiere: February 17th

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Movie Releases on Netflix February 15-21 – Movie News