MCU villains created by the Avengers in phase 4: Kang the Conqueror, Gorr

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With the end of the first three phases of the MCU, new villains have begun to appear to fill the void of that great threat that was Thanos, but unlike this one, the new antagonists have origins more linked to the heroes, as in the comics.

Already without Tony Stark to create several of the threats, the series and films of Phase 4 have introduced new villains, but curiously they were created directly or indirectly by the heroes. Here are five examples of this:

Sharon Carter

The change from ally to enemy for Sharon Carter comes after in Civil War She risks everything for Captain America by giving her his shield, which makes her a fugitive from the government, forces her into exile to survive and little by little become a criminal queen.

Her arc as a villain could be seen at its best in the Disney Plus series about War Machine, called Armor Wars, since using his position in the government and influence in the world of crime could be the one who traffics the technology of the late Iron Man.

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Baron Zemo

Created by the Avengers when his family died in The age of Ultron, the series of Falcon and the Winter Soldier It gives him a bigger story and Zemo is developed as a great strategist and likeable character, making him something of an antihero.

Although it seems that Zemo has already fulfilled his purpose of ending the super soldiers and will be serving penance for his crimes in Wakanda, it could make him return to action.

Kang the Conqueror

After revealing himself in Loki that Kang was responsible for creating the Sacred timeline and preventing the multiverses from coming together, his death at the hands of Sylvie causes infinite much more evil versions of him to haunt any reality.

At the end of the series we see Loki trapped in a reality where Kang is in command of the TVA, so he is shaping up to be the greatest villain of the MCU not only for this fourth phase, but for the following ones and a saga like Thanos’s.

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Thor: Love and Thunder will have the God of Thunder traveling with the Guardians of the Galaxy and they will meet Christian Bale in the role of Gorr, The Butcher of the Gods, who in the comics blames divine beings for doing nothing to save his family.

With the confirmation that Jane Foster, played by Natalie Portman, in this next film will become Thor, we can only imagine that Gorr has a personal revenge against the son of Odin and perhaps even comes to fulfill it.

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The Deviants

These ancient beings in the universe of Marvel comics were created by the Celestials, as well as their enemies the Eternals, of whom we will see a movie in this fourth phase of the MCU and both factions will face off.

In the film’s trailer you can see that the villain who will represent the Deviants is their leader Kro, with his shape-shifting power. So far little is known about the plot but in the comics a love affair with an Eternal serves as motivation for the villain.

These are five villains that superheroes have created, either directly or indirectly, but there are still others in the MCU that fulfill this characteristic such as the Flag Smashers or Yelena Belova. Do you remember any other? Put it in the comments.

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MCU villains created by the Avengers in phase 4: Kang the Conqueror, Gorr