Keanu Reeves marries longtime girlfriend and welcoming a baby?

Is Keanu Reeves starting a family? One report says the John Wick star is married to longtime girlfriend Alexandra Grant and will soon welcome a baby. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Low-Key Affair’

According to a July edition of OK!According to OK! Magazine Reeves seems to be in unusually good spirits. His cheerfulness is owed to Grant, and a source believes they’ve already gotten married after a March engagement. “Some are saying they secretly wed and are planning to have a bigger celebration this summer,” According to the source. “They’re eager to begin their next chapter as a couple, and that includes starting a family.”

Reeves and Grant plan to start a family “in the next few months,” an insider said. He’s reportedly even been shopping for a house in Germany to build a lovenest. In the meantime, they’re going on double dates with Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall. A source concludes that Reeves’s life is “the best it’s ever been, and he has a lot to be grateful for — especially Alexandra.”

What’s Going On With Reeves’ Relationship?

Reeves’s spokespeople clarified. Both the wedding and baby plans were “completely false.” To no one’s surprise, the summer passed without Reeves holding that public wedding. Every few months, OK! This wedding story is used to sell magazines, but it never happens.

Gossip Cop is starting to lose count of the number of times, OK! It promised Grant and Reeves that they would get married. They were married in Malibu, according to the report. They were engaged a few months later and had plans to marry by Christmas. This past April, Grant and the Point Break star were supposedly holding a backyard wedding. These bogus stories are comical in their sheer volume.

Keanu Reeves marries longtime girlfriend and welcoming a baby?What’s Keanu Reeves Up To?

Reeves continues to be in the midst of his revival and will continue to star in many anticipated films in the future. John Wick 4 and 5 are both in production, and he’s also a producer on its spin-off series The Continental. The Matrix Resurrections is slated for release by the end of 2021. Partner this with the return of Bill & Ted in 2020, and that makes three movie franchises, all with Reeves at the helm. Bravo!

Grant and Reeves are often the focus of tabloid rumors. They’ve yet to get married or welcome any children, so it’s best to disregard these stories. Given how private the couple is, all so-called insiders shouldn’t be believed. Reeves and Grant aren’t married, so this story is false.