Jennifer Garner and her unknown side

There were many who were disappointed when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s marriage ended in 2017, after they were considered one of the strongest couples in the world. Their breakup served to show gossip magazine readers that even the most beautiful unions can be ephemeral. Sin embargo, Rather than collapse or victimize, Jennifer has flourished in another way, and not only in his career, but also in his personal life, where he has developed a little known and very generous side.

Jennifer Garner en los Kids’ Choice Awards de 2021. (Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images)

Jennifer is, possibly together with Drew Barrymore, one of the most sympathetic and humble celebrities in Hollywood. This can be seen in her interviews, in which she is seen as an accessible, intelligent, eloquent and very simple woman; nothing to do with the image that one usually has of movie stars —and, although I have been working little lately for multiple reasons that we will now see, She is one of the few actresses of her generation who managed to make a successful crossover from starring in TV to making movies (something that, for example, actresses famous for TV series like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Julianna Margulies failed to fully consolidate) and quite successfully, too.

And also, out of the spotlight, he has sought to cultivate a normal life, after very early in her career she saw her name appear in gossip magazines when her first marriage, with Scott Foley (who he met on the set of the series’Felicity‘in 1998) broke down and started dating his co-star on the popular series’Alias‘, Michael Vartan, many people judged her as an adulteress, even when it wasn’t true and she had to deal with it for some time.

It is because of that, When his marriage to Affleck ended, Garner set out to make two things clear.: first of his children came before anything else, including his career, and second: that she was not going to withdraw her support from Affleck in his fight against alcoholism and that they would be responsible and cordial parents, for the sake of the children —Three, Violet, Seraphina Rose and Sam -, and has fulfilled it.

Although Ben is still in all the headlines and is going by word of mouth since his reconciliation with JLo, living their fabulous romance everywhere –this after a fleeting but quite intense affair with Ana De Armas who was highly publicized—, Jennifer has been much more discreet, more serene and more real. Just look at your Instagram feed, in which we can see her doing different quite normal activities, something that at the time led her to declare to Entertainment Tonight that “I really don’t have a problem with the paparazzi, they almost always leave me alone, they are not interested because it is my job, my life is quite normal and that does not sell.”

However, Jennifer has put her fame to good use: not only is she a dedicated mom when she is not on the sets, she is also one of the ambassadors of the organization Save The Children., an international non-profit organization that raises funds for education, health and nutrition for underprivileged children around the world. It is through this activity that Jennifer has traveled to various countries, not only as an image, but also as a volunteer, to distribute aid and participate in the foundation’s campaigns –Although it has not made publicity of this, being very discreet about other charitable activities, dedicated to children.

And it was precisely this that led her to co-founding the moderate cost organic food line “Once Upon a Farm”, which is distributed in the US, and consists of snacks aimed at children, which are rich in vitamins and low in sugar, Made with natural ingredients, she was inspired by her own culinary experiences, as she is the one who is personally in charge of overseeing her family’s nutrition. Now he has managed to unite this company with Save The Children, in a campaign that raises money through the purchase of products specially designed for this purpose.

The reason I started working for Save the Children is because my mother grew up very poor on this farm in Oklahoma.“He told People magazine, and now through his own company he is looking for opportunities to collaborate and do more. Perhaps it is not something as glamorous as what JLo usually does, but the Garner seems to be much happier and no longer need a Ben by her side.


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Jennifer Garner and her unknown side