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Filmmaker James Wan has strong credentials in horror cinema as the mastermind responsible for creating franchises such as “Saw”, “Insidious” or “The Conjuring”, so his return to the genre was highly anticipated by his fans after having done a couple of projects aimed at action lovers. For example, “Aquaman”, which is already working on its sequel.

This year, James Wan has surprised audiences with “Malignant”, a film that could be considered as the most violent and risky proposal of his filmography so far, whose end has still perplexed many of his viewers, although the filmmaker claims to have been inspired of some real scientific concepts.

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“Malignant” tells the story of a young woman (played by Annabelle Wallis) who is plagued by hyper-realistic hallucinations of real murders, which would be connected to someone from her past. A spectrum? a demon? The final answer to the question is much more incredible than it might seem at first glance,

Wan begins his film with a test subject in a medical facility who remains out of view of the viewer, who is referred to as Gabriel and is on a murder frenzy. Research doctor Florence Weaver (Jacqueline McKenzie) would manage to control it and announce to her staff that “it is time to eliminate cancer.”

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The third act of the film would reveal that Gabriel, the murderer, is nothing more than a “parasitic twin”, a kind of tumor formed by the vestiges of a twin that failed to form completely and was attached to Madison’s back, the protagonist.

Doctors would have removed most of the tissue from this “teratoma” when she was a child, but because they both shared brain cells, what little was left of Gabriel was locked in her skull, awakening by a blow to the head. , Wan presents that this is the reason why Gabriel performs his attacks only when Madison sleeps.

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During a chat with Entertainment Weekly, James Wan notes that despite stretching some facts, his film’s twist is based entirely on scientific facts. “My wife Ingrid, she does a lot of research on special anomalies. She tells me ‘There are people who are afflicted by this thing (teratomas), who were born that way’ ”. The filmmaker claims to have been impressed by this fact.

Obviously my mind twisted with horror immediately turned to the most battered story that could come up with. She and I started spitting out ideas and it eventually led to a concept. ” Wan concludes that his intention was to create a movie that he could have fun with using practical and animatronic effects, a technique he hasn’t worked with in a long time.


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James Wan explains his inspiration in the final twist of “Malignant” – nonenglishfeed