“I learned the language walking dogs”

Gentileza: Yeshi Tenzin

“He who does not jump is Bhutanese!”jokes Yeshi Tenzin, born in Bhutan, a country in South Asia, a Buddhist kingdom located on the eastern edge of the Himalayas, the highest mountain range on Earth, at 8,849 meters high. “The Roof of the World”, says when he talks with THE NATION.

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Yeshi is the only native citizen of said Nation residing in Argentina, and he confesses to being happy with how they received him when he arrived in 2008 by mere chance. Since then he has been developing various activities, first as a translator of Buddhist monks who came to our lands, then walking dogs, as a cashier and manager of a dairy chain known as To cheese, cheese; He was also a craftsman, a model for the clothing brand Bolivia and an actor in the film Focus, which he filmed in Argentina with his “colleague”, we could call him that, Will Smith, who is also an American rapper, film producer, and record producer.

Yeshi Tenzin was born.  in But & # xe1; n, South Asia;  today he lives in Argentina.

Gentileza: Yeshi Tenzin

Yeshi Tenzin was born in Bhutan, South Asia; today he lives in Argentina. (Courtesy: Yeshi Tenzin /)

It is not all. Tenzin’s employment news indicates that Today he is the receptionist of the restaurant Pizza Cero, with 25 years of tradition in the gastronomic market, located in Libertador and Tagle. There he welcomes all the clients in the Spanish language that he learned, as he himself defines it, “walking the street with the pichichos”.

“I was born in Bhutan, the happiest country in the world because there is 0 percent pollution and there is a lot of work with organic. 70 percent of the country is surrounded by forests and that purifies the environment. There are no traffic lights. 100 percent of the population is Buddhist, very disciplined people. It is a constitutional monarchy with a lot of freedom. Medicine is public. If you don’t have a house, the government gives you land and housing ”, Yeshi explains, adding: My parents were born in Tibet and a year after having me they took refuge in India fleeing from conflicts”.

Tenzin participated & # xf3;  from the movie Focus with Will Smith, who was filmed & # xf3;  in Buenos Aires

Gentileza: Yeshi Tenzin

Tenzin participated in the film Focus with Will Smith, which was filmed in Buenos Aires (Courtesy: Yeshi Tenzin /)

Bhutan is divided into twenty districts and is bordered to the north by China and to the south, east and west by India, along 1075 kilometers of border. It shares 470 kilometers of border with China, with the Tibet Autonomous Region, and 605 with India, with four states: Sikkim, West Bengal, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. The east-west axis of the country is 306 km long, and the north-south axis 145 km: its seat of government is in the capital, Timbu. With an area of ​​40,994 km² and a population of approximately 770,000, it is one of the smallest and least populated countries on the planet. The official language is dzongkha.

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The origins of the country date back to the 7th century AD, with the introduction of Buddhism by the Tibetans and the expansion of their empire into the territory that is now Bhutan. Until the seventeenth century the population was always in continuous wars, but the Tibetan chief Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal unified them and began to expand the region.

Yeshi is the & # xfa; only native citizen of But & # xe1; n residing in Argentina

Gentileza: Yeshi Tenzin

Yeshi is the only native of Bhutan living in Argentina (Courtesy: Yeshi Tenzin /)

Tenzin studied in a Tibetan public school located in a temple where he learned art and to grow corn, rice and make handicrafts.

“The Tibetan philosophy leaves you with a good basis to face the suffering that afflicts the world today. I speak seven languages ​​of India, which has eighteen. I believe that in this life I was born to carry a message “, he explains and comments that with all the wisdom that he has incorporated throughout his life, he currently leads meditation meetings with bowls:” They are instruments of healing, healing, relaxation that help to establish a healthy vibration in the body on a physical, mental or psychological, emotional and spiritual level, relieving stress, calming anxiety, improving concentration capacity and increasing mental clarity and creativity ”, he describes.

From Tibet to Argentina without stops

“I have lived in Argentina for almost thirteen years. I learned Spanish walking dogs, I never went to study the language. I understand it, I speak quite well, but sometimes I lack grammar ”, Yeshi details and tells how he arrived in Argentina in 2008: “When I was in the Tibetan monastery in southern India as a volunteer and public relations helping in the language exchange, one of the monks received a call from your country and told me : ‘A family of Argentines wants to invite the monks to do ceremonies at their home and they need a translator, do you want to accompany them?’ I knew what Argentina was like because I had studied it at school. I am very curious and I was interested to know. I said to myself, ‘Argentina, Maradona’. It was a source of joy for me. He was a lord of Acasusso. He was on a spiritual search, he had traveled to Russia, he loved searching, shamanism, Pachamama, Catholicism, meditation, yoga, he was interested in discovering other cultures and traditions ”.

Tenzin of open mind talks and meditation & # xf3; n

Gentileza: Yeshi Tenzin

Tenzin of open mind talks and meditation (Courtesy: Yeshi Tenzin /)

And then Tenzin headed for Argentina with two Tibetan monks. “Before, luckily, I had met a girl from Spain and I also learned some of the language through Antonio Banderas films. I arrived here and the owner of the house spoke English, I also do it very well and translated the words of the monks who spoke in Tibetan. They and I had a visa for six months. When they beat us, I told them I wanted to stay. They asked me what I was going to do in this country because I didn’t speak Spanish. ‘If you get sick, who helps you?’ ‘I’m going to learn, don’t worry’, I replied ”.

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The person who brought them was at the front of the chain To cheese, cheese and it gave him work. “For a year I walked the two dogs in his house, he lived there; When I learned to speak, he sent me to the Unicenter Shopping store, I controlled the employees. Later I was a cashier and later in charge of that place and others. Then it was founded in 2012 and I started working making arts and crafts, earrings, charms, bracelets. I told the owner not to compensate me because he had helped me and I should be grateful. I went to work in Chinatown on the street. I had an Argentine partner, I fell in love and we shared the rent in Martínez ”, he explains.

Yeshi learned & # xf3;  to make crafts in a Tibetan public school located in a temple

Gentileza: Yeshi Tenzin

Yeshi learned to make handicrafts at a Tibetan public school located in a temple (Courtesy: Yeshi Tenzin /)


In 2013 he met Alejandra, a Buddhist girl who bought him some other handicrafts and who changed his course and his life: “I told her that I had acted in India and he told me that they were filming Focus in Argentina and he connected me with people from the film for a role. The protagonist was none other than Will Smith, a number one, very nice to me; He received me very well, they interviewed me, I stayed and my name is in Hollywood ”, he details about the film, which had Argentine participation with Justina Bustos and Juan Minujín.

“How did I get to Pizza Cero? In 2015, the son of my former boss played disco here and connected me with Jorge González and his son Ezequiel, his owners, two extraordinary people who opened the doors of what I call their home. “He introduced me to them and they accepted me without asking for a CV, they trusted me, I told them I spoke English well and knew Spanish. I was first as a cashier and now a receptionist, I like public relations ”, he says.

In 2018 Yeshi was a graphic model for a year for the clothing brand Bolivia: “I was selling bijou in Chinatown, it was summer, I was with dreadlocks, hippie type, a boy came up, bought me some things and praised my look. He came again, he told me that he was very cool and if he encouraged me to be a model. He is a professional photographer, his name is Chino Zavaleta, he connected me with the Bolivia brand, we took the photos and a contract. People saw the images in the shopping malls, they went to Chinatown and asked me if I was the one in the advertising ”.

Currently Tenzin is the receptionist of the rest & # xf3;  Zero Pizza

Gentileza: Yeshi Tenzin

Currently Tenzin is the receptionist of the restaurant Pizza Cero (Courtesy: Yeshi Tenzin /)

Regarding the rest of his activities, he says that he likes to diversify and help: “I give talks open mind, meditation. People tell me ‘I feel very bad’, and I try to give them solutions so as not to suffer. You have to know how to handle the mind, the inner soul, because it is very powerful. I am not a monk, but I apply Buddhist philosophy. I work with a Tibetan bowl, it is a sound of metals to do meditation, clean chakras, energy centers. I chant Tibetan mantras every day, I have my altar in my house, I do ceremonies, I pray for others. This wisdom comes from Tibetan Buddhism, ancient teachings that I learned in school ”.

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Regarding his private life, Yeshi comments that in India he had a Tibetan woman and, from that relationship, his daughter (today 24) and a son (21) were born.

“I have contact by WhatsApp, social networks, before by Skype and I travel every two years to see them because I miss them too much. Today I live alone, without commitments, alone touch and go. I am devoted to Maradona above all else, Messi and Ronaldo. When someone watches a game here I tell them that I am a fan of the rival to make jokes. I like Argentine football, when I was in school I was a goalkeeper, that’s why I admire Draw Martínez: in the Copa América and against Brazil he was a crack. He spoke to Colombians on penalties, he was very smart. Ah, I forgot, I am passionate about music, cumbia to dance. I’m a fan of Argentine rock, Gustavo Cerati and Charly García, which is Jimmy Hendrix’s rock vibe, he throws himself off the balcony and nothing happens ”, he concludes with a laugh.

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“I learned the language walking dogs”