Hellsing: Actors Who Could Play Alucard in the Live-Action Adaptation

It is clear that Hollywood is very committed to creating live-action adaptations of various popular manga and anime, and although there has already been a lot of success, for example looking at the tireless fan base surrounding the feature film Battle Angel: The Last Warrior. – 55%, studies are not slowing down at all. Additionally, Netflix’s existence as one of today’s leading sources of entertainment, and how determined the company is to have the best content a studio can offer, has accelerated the number of titles being advertised as adaptations. Stories like that of Cowboy Bebop They will be coming to the screen very soon, but as we mentioned, this is a competition, and there are more things that we will be able to see soon.

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One of the most anticipated adaptations by fans is that of Hellsing, and this is when Amazon Studios joins the competition to bring to the screen the manga that was published between 1997 and 2008 with a story focused on the horror genre. The news was confirmed by DeadlineAs if that weren’t enough, it was also announced that Derek Kolstad, the screenwriter for the John Wick films, was selected to write the script, which should mean that audiences can expect a lot from his signature brand in the action franchise, which would undoubtedly be a great added value for this production that promises to be a success for the studio.

No further confirmation on this, but we know that Kolstad He is a huge fan of everything that has to do with Hellsing Thanks to the fact that his brother introduced him to the manga and the anime, and he has assured that since then he has been obsessed with adapting it. Now that he has managed to get into the project, fans do not stop wondering which actors could join it, since the correct adaptation of their characters is one of the most important things for them, and coming from this series they are basically the most important elements. important. There is no estimated date for its premiere, but that gives us more time to think about names and, obviously, the most anticipated name of the casting is that of the actor who will play Alucard.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the manga created by Kouta Hirano He follows the Hellsing organization, founded by Van Helsing, and is tasked with protecting Britain from vampire attacks. His key piece to achieve this is his weapon: Alucard, the original vampire. Hellsing was adapted into a series and then had another known as Hellsing Ultimate, which ran for ten episodes and stuck a bit closer to the original material. The idea that this movie will become a potential franchise for Amazon is in the air, so while the speculation continues we will talk about the actors that could play the role of this famous vampire.

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Christian Bale

Christian Bale He is an actor who has literally done everything for a role to make his job as real as possible to the audience and to himself. Who knows if playing Alucard would make him drink blood, but we kiddingly know that he is extremely dedicated to his job. He has participated in all kinds of films, including period pieces, but one thing he could definitely do well in is a manga adaptation and what better in a role as important as this.

Terry Chen

We are not used to seeing Asian actors in vampire roles and, honestly, not in adaptations that come from stories that originated from that side of the world, something that is also often criticized by fans of any manga or anime. Terry Chen is of Chinese descent and has worked in productions such as Elysium – 67%, Jessica Jones – 69% y The Expanse – 100%. In 2016 he was part of the television series Van Helsing, although he did not play a vampire.

Johnny Depp

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor might not have it easy due to the scandal he was in recently and also because one of his next films to be released after the trial that faced Amber Heard, Minamata – 35% failed. However, rumors about his return to the Disney franchise have not ceased to surface and it may not be long before we see him on screen again. The role of Alucard is one that many of his fans would love to see, and this man could do very well given the chance.

Adam Driver

Adam Driver He has the bearing and air of mystery that only a character like Alucard can have, but he is also an excellent actor. We have seen him in all kinds of roles, whether as the husband of a marriage that falls apart or the descendant of a family whose last name has great power. Kylo Ren is possibly the only character in a franchise where we could see Driver in some time, but putting this actor in the role of a vampire could expand his range as an actor, and we’re sure he could dazzle everyone again. with his talent in this adaptation.

Tom Hiddleston

The on-screen presence of the actor who plays Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is more than enough to understand why he might sound like a candidate to play Alucard in the Amazon adaptation. In addition, since he is already British we can add his interpretation as Adam, a vampire with suicidal tendencies and music lover in the film Only Lovers Survive – 86%.

Daniel Kaluuya

The Oscar winner has a wide enough range to play any role. He surprised us with his performance in ¡Huye! – 99%, where he played Chris Washington, a young black man whose experience of meeting his girlfriend’s family (all white) turned into a terrifying experience. Before that he appeared in one of the most prominent episodes of Black Mirror – 64%, and is now much better known thanks to his appearances in Black Panther – 90%, Widows – 91% and Judas and the Black Messiah – 100%, thanks to which he swept the 2021 awards season. The role of Alucard would represent his leap to another possible franchise.

Mads Mikkelsen

Many artists and fans have imagined what it would look like Mads Mikkelsen in the role of a vampire, and the truth is that it would suit him very well. He certainly knows what it’s like to work on a franchise (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – 85%) as much as they know what it is to play dark characters and of a procedure, let’s say, different from the rest (Hannibal). His quality as an actor could elevate how peculiar Alucard is to a level that could even exceed any expectations on the part of the public, in addition to that he has already won the affection of all and that is also something very positive.

Lee Pace

Lee Pace as Alucard is something that makes sense both for the physique of this actor and for the gestures he can use when expressing himself. In fact, when he played Ronan the Accuser in Guardians of the Galaxy – 91% is a physically intimidating man, much like Alucard, and the incredible thing is that this could be perceived beyond the layers of makeup and the suit he was wearing at the time. Additionally, Pace has an uncanny ability to speak in a low, menacing, calm, and collected voice, but he also has the slightest hint of arrogance and contempt, which is exactly how Alucard would.

Keanu Reeves

Someone has to say: Keanu Reeves it is always going to be the favorite choice of many for basically any role. Of all those that we will mention in this list, he has a great advantage and that is that he is the protagonist of the John Wick action franchise, of which precisely Kolstad He is a screenwriter. Outside of that, he has experience in the science fiction genre and supernatural-themed movies like Constantine – 46% y Matrix – 87%, plus the fact that he apparently never ages makes him a strong candidate to play the vampire.

Bill Skarsgård

The Swedish actor has shown that he can present a different face for a role depending on the requirements they give him. He already surprised us as Pennywise in It (That) – 85% and in series like Hemlock Grove. Bill Skarsgard he could make the role of Alucard his own and he could be an even weirder or twisted version of the vampire that appears in the manga and anime. He may still be one of the lesser known names on this list, but his talent is just as impressive.

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Hellsing: Actors Who Could Play Alucard in the Live-Action Adaptation