Wearables and smartwatch for swimming

If you thought that only runners they had at their disposal wearables To monitor your sports performance, here we are going to give you a wide range of sports bracelets that allow you to do exactly the same for those of you who are passionate or professional about swimming.

IP and ATM standards may not sound familiar to you, but they are the basic quality specifications that must be met by sports bracelets, which measure that the technology you have bought is adequately resistant to water, and that these wearables must comply with to be approved and reach the market.

The best wearables and smartwatch for swimming

We have focused on devices that are well compliant with standards – they all have the IP68 rating, which indicates devices that withstand a depth of one meter or more for a continuous period of time. And the ATM rating 1 or higher, which means that they are waterproofed to a depth of 10 meters by the pressure of the water.


sports bracelets - moov

More than just a meter, Moov is getting closer to being a training assistantas it provides an analysis of your stroke, your speed and resistance to help you train more efficiently. As it has no screen, you need the phone to check statistics and progress, which can be a bit difficult for certain pools or training places.

Polar Loop

sports bracelets - polar loop

It is perhaps not as well known as some of its rivals, but the Polar Loop it’s functional, cheap, and very, very waterproof. With a 2 ATM rating it is equivalent to resisting water at depths of up to 20 meters, and its creators have specifically cared so that you can take it to the pool without worry.

Basis Peak

sports bracelets - basis peak

The Basis Peak It is a rugged-looking sports bracelet because its manufacturer is committed to functionality rather than design. The proof is that it has a 5 ATM rating, which means that it can withstand the pressure of up to 50 meters deep for an extended period of time. It also has all the usual features on these gadgets, like sleep and heart rate tracking, making it one of the most comprehensive devices on the market.

Misfit Shine

sports bracelets - misfit shine

The Misfit Shine It has the peculiarity that it can be worn on the wrist or attached to the trunk, making it as flexible as it is waterproof: 5 ATM rating. Also, it has a long battery life.

Garmin Vivoactive

sports wristbands - garmin vivoactive
Garmin has hit the ground running when it comes to waterproofing and Garmin Vivoactive is the first of the company’s devices with 5 the ATM, as well as a dedicated app, GPS, smart notifications and more functionalities.

My Alpha 2

sports bracelets - mio alpha 2

The My Alpha 2Despite its appearance, it is not a smartwatch, but it is resistant to 30 meters (3 ATM) and comes with a number of monitoring features, as well as a customizable screen. Various apps are included so you can keep track of your performance in the pool.

Garmin Swim

sports bracelets - garmin swim

If you are a serious swimmer and want to track your performance in the pool more than any other activity, the Garmin Swim it is perfect. Make a monitoring the distance you have covered, the number and type of strokes. And it has a 5 ATM rating that can withstand continuous submersion in depths of up to 50 meters.

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Wearables and smartwatch for swimming