the professional Smart Home solution ready for IoT

Dovit, manufacturer of the DOVIT home automation platform, is pleased to announce that the professional system for Smart Home DOVIT And compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Telegram and IFTTT.

Choosing a DOVIT home automation system for your real estate projects means offering future buyers not only an efficient, reliable and safe solution, but also a scalable solution open to the world of connected objects … the ideal link between a reliable system and the satisfaction of the most demanding users.

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Manage your Dovit home with Google Home and Amazon Alexa voice control
The owners of the DOVIT Smart Home can control all the scenarios, and therefore all the functions present in their home automation system, with simplicity and reliability.

A solution undoubtedly quick and useful to check your home. Imagine walking into the house with your hands full and being able to turn on the light with your voice or turn down the volume of the music when your phone rings. Imagine the indisputable advantage for all people who have motor disabilities.

Google Home
Control the lights and all other scenarios, created by the Dovit application, with your voice. The commands can be given through the “smart speakers” or by interacting directly with the voice control from your smart phone.

“Ok Google, turn on the living room light”
“Ok Google, activate the night scenario”

Amazon Alexa
Control the lighting and scenarios, created by the Dovit application, with your voice through the speakers connected to Amazon Alexa or by interacting with the Alexa application.

“Alexa, turn off the light in the kitchen”
“Alexa, activate open all shutters”

Personalize your daily life with Google Home and Amazon Alexa

The dialogue between the voice assistants and the DOVIT Smart Home functions can be customized at any time.

For example, if the “close all roller shutters”, “turn off all lights” and “lower the temperature by one degree” scenarios have been created from the Dovit application, you can link all of them these actions at a simple command like: “Alexa, I’m going out” or “Ok Google, good night” and all the chosen functions will be recalled!

From the point of view of safety, at any time it is possible to disable some functions or the complete connection with a service. Also, to link a voice assistant account to your DOVIT Smart Home, explicit authorization from the home touch screen is required in order to ensure that the association was really requested by the owner.

With Telegram you receive “push” notifications without having the Dovit app always active and command the scenarios with simple messages

Telegram is an instant messaging application that allows the user to receive all “push” notifications from their home automation system directly on the Telegram application. The Dovit home automation system can send, for example, notifications from the alarm system, from the maintenance system or simply notify you every time a specific door is opened.

Furthermore, through Telegram it is possible to control each scenario simply by writing a message to your Smart Home.

Control connected objects or create your own automations with IFTTT
Any device or scenario connected to the DOVIT Smart Home system can be defined as a “That” action to be performed through the IFTTT “Webhooks” service.

A few examples:

  • When my pizza is delivered (Service Dominos), turn on the kitchen light.
  • Draw a perimeter around your house to activate the scenarios when you leave or when you enter the
  • Perimetro (Service Location).
  • If a weather service detects an expected outside temperature below 2 °, it activates the anti-freeze scenario.
  • When you receive a “wash cycle end” event, send a message.

IFTTT integrates many systems that can be viewed on:

Compatibility required:
To install the DOVIT IoT activation licenses it is necessary to have a Smart Home system with a server version V.3.73 or later and a version of the Dovit application 1.73 or later as well as a smartphone with the Dovit application or a touch screen wall mounted Dovit.

The other prerequisites are: have a Dovit account, activated remote control and have an Internet connection, to use the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice assistants, you need a standard Google or Amazon Alexa user account and a device that supports Alexa or Google Home.


DOVIT is a multinational present in Italy (Dovit Italia) and in other European countries. The DOVIT project was born in 2016 from the collaboration and subsequent merger between Home Innovation (Italian manufacturer of the already well-known integration platform Hi System) and one of the main European real estate leaders, Promobe SA. Together in 2016 they created the largest “smart” neighborhood in Europe: the “Cloche d’Or” in Luxembourg. From this common project and the desire to offer modern and integrated “Smart home” solutions, on a large scale… the company DOVIT and the homonymous ecosystem for the Smart Home are born. Dovit is an open platform that integrates all the technological areas of the modern home in a single system with attention to ease of use and product design.

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the professional Smart Home solution ready for IoT