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In the 1960s, people used their cameras to record family movies and popular events. The use of these antiques is very similar to that given to mobile phones today and until not long ago to video cameras by video amateurs. Nowadays, thanks to the fact that most people own a smartphone, they can record high-quality videos, and normal users do not need this type of handheld camcorder to record those moments. Precisely for that reason it has become a vintage product. But just like a reflex camera, there are better photos than a mobile, there are certain recordings that you will never get with your mobile device, no matter how good it is. If you want to record aerial images of the last mountain you have climbed, or if you want original images of your wedding from above, or even exclusive angles of the island where you have gone on vacation, you will need the photos that a flying drone makes .

The price of a flying device with a high-end camera ranges from 300 euros to almost 3,000. However, if you do not want to spend almost half a million of the old pesetas, you have drones with an average price of € 1,000 that include a 4K camera that will allow you to take all those photos and videos that you always wanted. Of course, depending on your budget, the characteristics will vary a lot and it is possible that the price already includes one or two batteries (if you only have one, we recommend that you buy a replacement, since they last a short time), a cover, and the same A tripod to support your favorite toy plane.

The most important factor in choosing such a device is reliability. All of them crash on occasion, and when it does, most don’t fall directly. In addition, after stability, the key is your lenses.There are drones of all shapes and sizes, from the small four-legged that fit in the palm of your hand and are very cheap, to the fixed-wing ones that barely they fit in your trunk. Therefore, the choice for a moderately powerful one is its wings, the larger it is, the more stable it is in the air on a windy day.

Lastly, we focus on the units that are the best to drive automatically. The basics include handling things like taking off and landing, positioning upwind, and coming home if you lose it. The most interesting are of course those that are handled in manual mode, and everything is done by the pilot.

The Phantom 3 was the best favorite drone last year chosen by the famous web specialized in technology theverge, and today it is the best offer on the market for the average user despite not being the best in all aspects, but no device is. It has the best ratio of use, reliability and power. In addition, it is the only flying drone that uses two positioning systems, the Russian GLONASS and he the GPS from the US, which meant that it was positioned better and immediately. There are three models to choose from, for around 600 euros you have the normal version, which mounts a 1080p camera and does not have the new hardware updates that separate the Phantom 3 from the previous models, so we do not advise it. Instead go to him Advanced which is around 800 or the Professional It costs about a thousand euros depending on where you buy it. All of these carry the same hardware and software, except for the cheapest model that incorporates a 2.7K HD camera, rather than a full 4K. If you are a professional, go for either of these two, if you don’t care, buy the normal version.

Its competitors have noticeably improved, but they are not as easy to use and do not perform as well as the Phantom 3. (link)

Yuneec Q500 + 4K 🙁link)

Yuneec Q500 + 4K. Fuente:

Yuneec Q500 + 4K. Fuente:

This Yuneec was a great drone and is perhaps the best option after the Phantom 3. The remote control has its own screen, allowing you to fly an entire afternoon without worrying about draining your mobile battery. Record in 4K with very sharp images. The negative is its digital image stabilization software that runs on the device and adds a strange destabilizing movement that affects our recordings.

Chroma Camera Drone CGo3:

Chroma Camera Drone CGO3. Source:

Chroma Camera Drone CGO3. Source:

It is the same as the previous model but cheaper, and with some minor modifications. It has the same remote with a built-in screen, but it is not as reliable as the Yuneec. During some tests carried out it crashed several times during its takeoff and did not execute some of the smart functions such as “follow me” and “look at me”, like the Q500.


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The best drone on the market | Gadgets