Soccer World Cup Cup 1: 1 replica – including in original size

Even the reigning world champion only gets a replica of the original, so why not buy his own World Cup trophy too? But is that even possible? The original trophy remains with Fifa and is 36.8 cm high and weighs 6.1 kg, of which approx. 4900 g is 18-carat gold. This means that the material value alone is worth well over € 100,000 at today’s gold prices. Only the winners get an original Fifa World Cup trophy replica in original size 🙂 If you want to buy your own World Cup trophy, you can of course look out on the Internet.

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If the “normal” World Cup trophy is too boring for you, you can get a variant here, which is designed in the colors of the Germany flag. A nicer souvenir of that Victory of the 2014 World Cup there is hardly any 🙂

World Cup trophy with Germany flag

The World Cup trophy – really just a lump of gold?

Germany is the country of football. Every four years, thousands of families, friends and, above all, enthusiastic football fans gather in front of the screens to watch the games. Football has long ceased to be a sport – it means passion, tears and cheers. And success too. The German national team has now taken part in 18 of the 20 finals and has been World Cup champion four times, second four times and fourth four times. At the end of every championship there is an object: the World Cup trophy. Shimmering gold and high, it towers over the heads of the players and asks them to give everything, because after all, it’s all or nothing. The trophy is not just a piece of gold. It is a symbol of endless efforts, a won battle and the motivation for every player. It means hope.

The design and engravings

The World Cup trophy depicts two proud soccer players holding up a globe together. He is a total of 36.8 cm high and has a proud weight of 6.175 kilograms. The proportion of gold and total weight is 750/1000. The cup has 17 areas – actually for the engravings of the world champions and the inscription “FIFA World Cup”. It has a round base and two wreaths made of malachite semi-precious stones. Engravings can be found on the underside of the trophy – the respective country with the corresponding year. First these engravings were created vertically with the intention of immortalizing 17 world champions. Since the 2014 World Cup, however, a new floor has been created with now ring-shaped engravings. The countries are engraved in the national language and therefore it is not possible to say exactly how much space is planned, as the length of the countries varies.

Details of the cup

As mentioned, the cup is around 37 cm high and weighs almost 6.2 kilograms.
In terms of material, the Fifa World Cup is one of the most expensive trophies in the world – if not the most expensive. It consists of 5 kilograms of 18-carat gold and therefore costs between 120,000 and 160,000 euros. However, the World Cup winner only receives a replica made of gold-plated bronze, which is only about 2.5 percent of the value of the original cup. Basically, when the World Cup trophy is presented, it is of course not about its financial value, but rather about its emotional value, but the difference is quite large. On the Internet you can find several websites about the comparisons regarding the change in value of the cup. In 1974 the value was estimated at around 15,487 euros, in 1982 it was already around 41,000 euros and was finally worth 125,260 euros in 2018. A sharp spike in value considering it was still at $ 5,000 when it was made in 1973. That corresponds to around 4,149 euros, just 3.46 percent of today’s value.

Where is the original World Cup trophy located?

The golden trophy has been kept at the headquarters of the World Football Association in Zurich for over 40 years. It has been available for inspection in the FIFA Museum since 2016. At the award ceremony, the current FIFA President (currently Gianni Infantino) hands over the World Cup trophy to the respective national team. Only the president and a few selected members are allowed to touch the trophy, a fact that also speaks for the trophy’s unbelievable material and mental value. However, the players don’t keep the trophy for long … they will only receive one Fifa World Cup trophy replica in original size.

How long are players entitled to the original trophy?

There is talk of hours, but rather of minutes that the team is allowed to keep the trophy. The original trophy is handed over for the victory celebration and is therefore part of a decades-long tradition. However, when the departure is approaching, the players will be given a full-size replica of the Fifa World Cup trophy made of bronze, the value of which I have already commented on. It’s worth less financially, but it doesn’t reduce the price of fame. The trophy has more of a symbolic meaning for the players that goes much deeper than money could.
The winners will keep this Fifa World Cup replica in its original size for four years until the next World Cup, so that they can pass it on or, in the best case, keep it for another four years. At the 1930 World Cup it was also announced that the team that won the World Cup three times and thus the trophy would be allowed to keep it. In 1970 the Brazilians succeeded in doing this and were allowed to keep the so-called Jules Rimet Cup. Outwardly, this cup was based on the Greek goddess of victory Nike, as it was obviously modeled after a woman. In summary, it can be said that the World Cup trophy is much more than a lump of gold. For many people it is the symbol of football, fair competition and sporting brotherhood. If you have now been drawn under the spell of the trophy and regret never being able to see it, I can reassure you. Beverage manufacturer and main sponsor of the soccer World Cup Coca Cola organizes the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour every time before a World Cup, where people can see the original World Cup trophy practically in front of their eyes and create memories in the form of photos.

But since this event is still more than a year long in coming: in the meantime, put on your sneakers, grab a ball and get out onto the field! You never know where football will take you.

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Soccer World Cup Cup 1: 1 replica – including in original size