#PowerUp 3.0, a fun #dron and paper plane that you will fly with your #smartphone #iOs or #Android

The flying drones They are fashionable, but they are very expensive electronic devices. Most of them cost about € 300 on average, and those are the cheapest. Today we offer you a very fun alternative, as well as cheap. What does it consist of? The PowerUp 3.0 is a small and simple Paper plane that you can pilot with your phone iOS The Android, and you will surely have a great time with him. The plane flies and glides with ease, being able to handle it from our smartphone. Let’s analyze it, I assure you that it is worth taking a look.

It is a bird? It is a plane?

PowerUp 3.0 a paper airplane built by the TailorToys company

PowerUp 3.0 a paper airplane built by the TailorToys company. Fountain: http://www.mobilefun.es/

Yes, it is an airplane, but made of toy and made of paper, the PowerUp 3.0, is designed by the company TailorToys, and it is its third generation of this paper airplane electrical module, which won the premio Popular Science TOYFAIR 2013, from the New York Toy Fair. The complete kit costs just € 39.99, and it comes with the following components:

  • PowerUp 3.0 Smart Module
  • Mounting display and storage box
  • Cable Micro USB to charge
  • Rudder replacement
  • Spare propeller
  • Invader Templates (for beginner pilots)
  • Nakamura Insoles (for advanced pilots)
  • Dupont® waterproof insole
  • PowerUp Guide 3.0

Its operation is very simple, it is a Paper plane, one of those lifelong ones that we used to do when we were little. And for its handling we will not need to be expert pilots, and even our young son will be able to use it, of course, taking care that it does not fall into a place where we cannot reach it. To propel itself in the air, the small airplane mounts a small condenser, attached to a propeller by a carbon fiber shaft, which is connected to the paper airplane. For this, we have two paper templates, one the Invader template (for beginners), and the other the Nakamura (for expert pilots), the latter with a military plane design. However, if we are a little handyman or want to make our own wings or housings, from an hour of normal A4 paper or 8.5 x 11-inch copier paper we can paint and use the wings of the plane as we want.

PowerUp 3.0 can be managed with your mobile phone, mobile thanks to an application. Fountain:

PowerUp 3.0 It is managed with your smartphone, mobile thanks to an app. Fountain: http://www.poweruptoys.com/

To manage the plane we must use an application on our Smartphone, which will communicate via Bluetooh to our iPhone or Android, the application looks like an airplane cockpit and consists of several buttons with which it manages the flight path of the plane. But how do you do it?

It is controlled by moving the phone from left to right, and thanks to a lever that simulates that of a real plane, descends or rises as desired, there is also a battery indicator at the bottom right. Thanks to the sensors and the built-in gyroscope, the plane smoothly obeys the orders we give it from the ground. We must take into account that range is about 55 meters (about 180 feet), and that with a charge the plane will last approximately 10 minutes in the air. Remember also that although the plane works perfectly in the rain, we must take into account meteorological phenomena, such as wind or rain, since it flies without problems but a strong wind can displace its trajectory and cause us to lose sight of it.

If you have doubts and are thinking of buying a mid-range or high-end flying drone, we encourage you to try this first, here you can find it, You will see how you do not regret it and you will surely enjoy your experience. To give you an idea of ​​how it works, here is a video so you can see all its possibilities.



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#PowerUp 3.0, a fun #dron and paper plane that you will fly with your #smartphone #iOs or #Android