MyZone MZ-3

The MyZone MZ-3 out now, it’s a heart rate monitor chest strap that offers much more than just heart rate recording. MyZone is not a first time in this sector, it has been in the measurement of heart rate for a long time, mainly in devices and devices related to gyms and sports clubs.

The appearance of the MyZone MZ-3 revives the great debate about these wearable sports bands that monitor heart rate: are they more suitable on the chest or is the measurement on the wrist better? Here we find supporters of both, the most common idea is that the chest strap like the one proposed by MyZone is more accurate but can be more annoying for some athletes. Comfort would be gained on the wrist, although measurement efficiency may be lost.

Gamification in the MyZone MZ-3

No matter where it is placed, none of these devices simply collect information, the idea is that people train with the Mz-3 in, whether it is running, rowing, swimming, cycling, a session in the gym or any other activity … they get the ticker your activity and earn points based on your bpm (beats per minute).

The MyZone platform studies the stored data and classifies it into one of its color-coded levels based on their statistics, helping the athlete earn points and set goals based on their own individual performance levels.

In combination with the device app, it is possible to go a little further with the continuity of the activity and its dissemination, by offering comparative tables and challenges in the form of a league with a large social component thanks to the fact that users are able to see the latest workouts and points from your contacts.

MyZone MZ-3

MyZone MZ-3: features and prices

The Myzone MZ-3 has an internal memory capable of storing 16 hours of data, which avoids carrying the smartphone with you when exercising. However, if you want to exercise with your mobile, the data is automatically transferred to the app to check the statistics instantly. It has a battery life of 7 months on a single charge and is waterproof to 10 meters, making it suitable for swimming as well.

The MZ-3 is also ANT + compatible, so it can be used with a wide variety of fitness apps and devices such as Apple Swatch, Strava, Garmin sports watches, and MapMyRun. Its price is around € 130 and it comes in three sizes. There is also a sports bra for around € 60 that includes the device.

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MyZone MZ-3