Iradish Y6, an interesting clone of the Apple Watch

iradish Y6 Smart Watch Phone

Iradish Y6 It is a clone of the Apple Watch made in China with a surprising price. You can find it in Iradish Y6. Any follower of technology and gadgets is well aware that Apple is an indisputable leader in designing devices that, beyond their great functionality, have the added value of being almost a way of understanding today’s world.

It is clear that not all of us can follow this trend due to the prices that their products reach, but we do not have to give up much of the technology that is incorporated in them in countless devices that offer it at a much more affordable price.

The smartwatch that we present to you today is one of them. Iradish Y6 It is a clone of the Apple Watch made in China that with a surprising price that does not reach € 30, puts on our wrist many of the functionalities of the most advanced smartwatches.

Iradish Y6: main features

One of the first surprises of this smartwatch comes with the incorporation on its right side of a discreet 1.3 MP integrated camera that will help us to capture photos without attracting attention. It also has a button to manage its functions with an elongated design that mimics the “home” button on smartphones. On its left side, we find a speaker, a microphone and a micro-USB port.

iradish Y6 Smart Watch Phone caracteristicas

Another surprise, very rare in a smartwatch, is the possibility of removing its bottom cover and accessing the 350 mAh battery with about 3 days of autonomy and, what is more important, to be able to insert a memory card micro SD up to 32GB. We can also insert our SIM card and use the Iradish Y6 as a standalone mobile phone, being compatible with GSM and 3G 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz networks.

It does not all end there. This smartwatch has an MTK6260A SoC with 120 MB RAM memory Y 64 MB internal storage, Bluetooth 3.0 Y NFC among other sensors.

The design of Iradish Y6

The Iradish Y6 does not hide in its design its desire to imitate the Apple watch. It has a 1.54-inch screen with 2.5D curved glass that achieves an excellent resolution of 240 × 240 pixels that achieves good sharpness and is even effective in bright daylight conditions.

The manufacturer has not neglected to satisfy all possible tastes, since we can buy it in gold, black, rose gold and silver, a logical variety knowing that it is made of zinc and aluminum. Its strap has also been cared for as it is made of quality anti-sweat plastic with a metal buckle with a resistant appearance. The Iradish Y6 weight is 60 grams and its dimensions are 4.4 x 4.2 x 1.25 cm.

Main functionalities of the Iradish Y6

  • Telephone: Make and receive calls, hands-free, calendar, message synchronization and dialing of telephone numbers through Bluetooth 3.0.
  • Cameras: Storage of photos and videos in internal memory, on-screen playback with sound thanks to its speaker.
  • Play music in WAV, AAC or MP3 format and video in 3GP format.
  • Different languages ​​including Spanish.
  • Sport: pedometer to monitor physical activity and sedentary lifestyle alarm.
  • Smartphone anti-theft alarm via Bluetooth synchronization
  • GPRS connectivity and built-in browser
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Calculator
  • Voice recorder
  • Chronometer
  • RadioFM
  • Meteorology around the world


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Iradish Y6, an interesting clone of the Apple Watch