How to connect hard drive to android tablet

how to connect hard drive to android tablet

We are experiencing a moment of transition in technology that concerns its portable usability: the struggle of manufacturers to get tablets to replace laptops as productivity tools rather than pure consumption of digital information.

One of the main handicaps is in its storage capacity. While laptops have powerful hard drives, tablets still have the limitation of using memory, whose larger capacity makes them more expensive. In addition, hard drives offer added security since any incident can be dealt with effectively for the data recovery and backupsWhereas in a tablet physical damage can result in the complete loss of the device.

For this reason and as companies progress in their tablet designs to achieve greater storage and productivity, we have thought it important to tell you how to connect a hard drive to your tablet and achieve that domestic hybrid that allows you to enjoy those gadgets even more.

How to connect hard drive to android tablet

If you have a tablet or even a smartphone you will see that on one of its sides it has a small slot that is a puerto microUSB. All we have to achieve is to transform that microUSB slot, which has very limited uses, to its older sister, a USB slot, which will open up a world of connection possibilities to our device.

And how is that change achieved? Wired called Adaptador USB-On-The-Go (OTG).

With this cable you will be able to convert your microUSB to USB, opening the possibility not only of connecting a hard disk, but any other device that has USB connectivity, for example:

  • A mouse
  • A keyboard
  • A pen drive, which is also a cheaper way to expand your storage
  • A gamepad or game controller
  • A memory card reader to read those of our mobile phone or camera

Fortunately, this little cable is not very expensive and can be purchased for less than 15 euros, depending on the brand, and is easily available in any computer store or online stores such as eBay The Amazon.

Our recommendation is that you first look for a cable that corresponds to the brand of a tablet or smartphone. In case of not finding it or it does not exist, you will be able to acquire what is called a universal OTG adapter which will provide you with the same service. The normal models of this cable are usually about 10 cm., But you can buy them longer if you require it.

You may need some drivers or other software

Connecting a hard drive to an android tablet with an OTG adapter may not recognize or read it. Don’t worry, you most likely need a driver, a little piece of software that makes devices “understand” each other. In the case of connecting an external hard drive to a Nexus 7 tablet, for example, you most likely need a driver called Nexus Media Importer that you can download in Google Media Player and that, unfortunately, is paid.

connect hard drive to android tablet

It can also happen that when you connect a hard drive or pen drive to your tablet through an OTG adapter, you will not have the ability to see the files it contains. It is a frequent occurrence on Samsung Galaxy tablets. You will solve this small incident by downloading a file management application from Google Play, this time free, which will allow you to see the files of the connected device. One of the most popular is ES File Explorer.

OTG precautions

Although you will be able to connect almost any gadget, do so wisely. The larger the device you connect, the more power and battery drain your tablet will do. Therefore, if your storage need is very pressing and you want to use a hard drive instead of a 4 or 8 GB pen drive, it may be a good solution to purchase a variant of the OTG adapter that comes with 2 cables: one that goes to the hard disk and the other to the electrical network. In this way you solve the excess consumption.

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How to connect hard drive to android tablet