Gravitylight – the gravity lamp –

Principle and areas of application of the gravity lamp

The gravity lamp is an ideal source of light in places where there are no sockets and power lines. These include, for example, huts, garages, allotments, shell structures that do not yet have a power supply and many other areas in which the GravityLight appears useful. In order to function, the lamp must be hung at a height of 1.80 meters to 2.40 meters. For example, you can attach the item to a hook on the ceiling or on the wall. The gravity lamp is equipped with a bag in which sand is filled. Stones can also be used. It is important that the bag, including its contents, weighs around 12.5 kg. The gravity lamp is equipped with a cord that is operated like a pulley block. The weight is pulled up on the cord. Due to gravity, the weight sinks and electricity is generated. The current drives the LED included in the scope of delivery. After approx. 30 minutes the weight is back in the lower position and can be pulled up again using the cord. The GravityLight is not only equipped with an LED, but also has two SatLights.

SatLights provide additional lighting

The two SatLights are each equipped with a 5 meter long cable. You can turn on the additional lights by turning them on. The lighting can be regulated in two stages. The first stage of the gravity lamp leads to a pleasant light. SatLight and LED-GravityLight light up at the same time. On the second stage, the LED GravityLight is switched off and only SatLight shine in a brighter light.

As an Africa project

In Africa, kerosene lamps are often used to provide light without electricity. The GravityLight Foundation wants to replace the dangerous kerosene lamps and equip Africa with the gravity lamp. Anyone who buys a gravity lamp supports the Africa project, according to the GravityLight Foundation. You can find out more about the lamp and the Africa project at

Gravity lamp – scope of delivery

The delivery scope of the gravity lamp includes 5 parts that can be set up quickly and easily. The lamp itself consists of cables, two small spots and a main part. The lamp also has a bag that has to be filled with a weight of around 12 kg. It is preferred to use sand. A video on how to set it up can also be found on the Internet. The weight is on an orange cord that must be pulled up. The scope of delivery also includes 12 bags that can be filled. If there is no sand, stones, water bottles, tin cans or the like can also be used. In principle, you can use anything that has a weight and leads to the required 12 kg.

Quality and more

The GravityLight is considered to be of high quality and convinces in other test forums. The lamp is ideal when there is no electricity or other energy source available. Gravity is always present on earth and about 12 kg in weight can also be obtained quickly. Only the space for the lamp and the height of 1.80 meters to 2.40 meters have to be considered. There should also be a hook for hanging on a wall or ceiling. For those who have the height and the suspension options, a gravity lamp is a very good and environmentally friendly alternative to kerosene and battery-operated LED lamps. No solar energy is necessary to operate the lamp. This is beneficial in dark places such as a hut. The article is also suitable for the balcony or the garden. Especially in areas where there is hardly any sun and no solar lamp is of any use. Such a lamp should not be missing in crisis prevention either. With the GravityLight, light can be generated quickly and easily and without the long charging time, as is the case with batteries and solar lamps. Kerosene or a diesel-powered transformer to generate light are also not necessary.


The GravityLight works by means of gravity and only needs a high point of suspension (1.80 m – 2.40 m) and weight, in the form of sand or stones (approx. 12 kg). The lamp is ideal for dark, socket-free, electricity-free places.

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Gravitylight – the gravity lamp –