GEWISS, a success story across generations

The future of GEWISS will be expressed in continuity with the values ​​that led to the birth and development of the company.

Since its inception, GEWISS has kept faith with a very specific principle: to innovate. This choice has led the company to experience something better every day than the previous day, always looking beyond. Competence, determination and passion these are the qualities that have ensured the constant development of the company, products and markets. A path that has allowed GEWISS to establish itself internationally as an economic and social reference reality.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the time has come a fundamental step for the company which has been announced since Cav. Lav. Domenico Bosatelli in the message sent to all Group employees, reproduced in full below.

“I extend an affectionate greeting to everyone, from corporate governance to managers, staff, collaborators, customers and suppliers. A necessary reminder also to those who have experienced the Gewiss reality and who for various reasons are no longer with us. I am truly sorry not to be able to shake your hand personally due to the situation that afflicts us and which we all hope will be resolved as soon as possible “.

“50 years. GEWISS was born with the advent of plastics in 1970 and allowed me to vent my creative marketing instinct aimed at meet the needs and expectations of the market directing the development of products from design to industrialization, marketing and related logistics with a vision of perspective “.

“I have always worked with determination with the pleasure of suffering for the search for solutions and rejoice in the results obtained. These were years of intense activity and strong emotions made possible thanks to Collaborators who shared the development of ideas with me. We have developed over 20,000 catalog items of which 1,200 are patented. Products that have achieved great international success and that for this reason have often been cloned by the competition “.

“Today over 50% of the electrical system components are represented by Gewiss products. Our design and our industrial technologies and above all the skills of our technicians are the guarantee of continuity of development. We are currently facing the new frontier of plant engineering beyond home automation with the GSM digital system (Global system model). This new digital plant is being installed in the new and innovative Chorus Life real estate project which is an applied research laboratory for GEWISS ”.

“The corporate and social values ​​on which GEWISS is founded are based on the concept of:
– Doing business for the benefit of Collaborators, Shareholders and the State.
– Development as a constant of management.
– Doing everything at all times to the fullest.

This philosophy, widely shared by the current Governance and by the Collaborators, is the guarantee for the future business development “.

“When I started my industrial career with GEWISS, I never imagined reaching the threshold of my 90 years still being at the helm.
But now the time has come to relinquish the command appointing my son Fabio as President who has supported me for over thirty years sharing principles, values, objectives and working methodology and who, thanks to his merits and excellent relationships with Management and Collaborators, will know ensure a future of development and success for our company.
I want to renew my thanks for your attention to all of you connected by remembering the great affection I have for you all and I wish you and your loved ones all the best for the future ”.

To pick up the baton, giving continuity to the values ​​and entrepreneurial spirit of the company, will be Fabio BOSATELLI that you can count on Paolo CERVINI, CEO and CEO of GEWISS, and on the team of managers that make up the company’s leadership, supported by the more than 1,500 employees of the Group, in six countries around the world.

Aerial view of the Gewiss factories

I grew up with Gewiss“, Comments Fabio BOSATELLI,”I have been working there for over 30 years and more I fully share the entrepreneurial principles, ethics, values ​​and working method devoted to innovation and excellence. I welcome this important assignment with pride, a sense of responsibility and with the firm will to give continuity to our company. I am happy to be able to tackle this challenging journey relying on a united group of collaborators who I really appreciate for the determination shown even in these difficult months, working with tenacity and professionalism. I want to be the first supporter of the evolution of Gewiss: we are thinking of a company that will be more and more managerial, international, digital and sustainable. These goals will be achievable thanks to everyone’s positivity and proactivity: the energy, enthusiasm, conviction and passion of the entire GEWISS team will be fundamental in the coming months and years to come, to achieve the most ambitious goals together.”.

The commitment to the development of the GEWISS Group was met with equal determination by Paolo Cervini, CEO and CEO of GEWISS. “A little over a year ago“, has explained, “I am part of the GEWISS Group and I can say that what we are experiencing today is the confirmation of a path, aimed at giving continuity and guaranteeing the evolution of GEWISS. We have started a project that is based on the fundamental pillars of the company and translates into a managerial path to become more international, digital and sustainable. I want to thank the Cavaliere del Lavoro Domenico Bosatelli, and Fabio Bosatelli for the trust placed in me and I confirm my total dedication, passion, determination in carrying out the project we started together”.

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GEWISS, a success story across generations