even more complete with the new wired peripherals

AVE introduces the management of the external wired bus on smart IoT control panels: the result is a complete 360 ​​° anti-theft system, connected and integrated, full of opportunities for professionals and compatible with existing radio systems.

The range AVE DOMINA Burglar alarm based on innovative smart IoT burglar alarm units of the AF927 series is completed by introducing, on the same, the management of various wired peripherals. In addition to all the inputs and outputs present on the integrated wired card, from today, through the wired bus generated by the interface board AF927INTFILE, the AF927PLUS (with multifunction LED) and AF927PLUSTC (with 7 “color touch screen) control units can also manage:

  • remote expansion modules with 6 inputs;
  • remote relay output modules;
  • bidirectional radio modules;
  • transponder inserters for the S44 civil series.

In this way, the flexibility of the smart AVE alarm increases again, allowing to control through the control panels:

  • up to 120 total inputs (radio + wired);
  • up to 16 tag inserters;
  • up to 16 outputs.

Through the AF909RR radio module connected on the wired bus, the AF927 series control units also become perfectly backwards compatible with the radio systems that AVE has marketed in recent years. Thanks to this functionality it is therefore possible make existing systems smart, including the possibility of management through AVE Cloud, thus expanding the opportunities for professionals.

The AF927 system is also enriched with various news for the radio range:

  • AF964R-DB: double PIR + microwave outdoor detector;
  • AF976R-DB: outdoor detector with long range curtain effect;
  • AF970R-DB: radio keypad with LCD

All this completes the offer of a smart anti-theft system already innovative in itself. The power plants of the range AF927 in fact they offer:

  • single interface user for home automation and anti-intrusion;
  • one APP and one CLOUD for home automation and anti-theft;
  • remotely controllable device through the same interface that is present on the control unit (exactly as if you were acting directly on the control unit);
  • simple installation interface;
  • intuitive use from any device with a browser: PC, MAC, iOS, Android, Linux (platform independence);
  • updates and / or changes are automatically applied and managed by all devices connected to the control panel.

For quick and precise installation, smart IoT panels offer the installer advanced testing and monitoring functions, even remotely thanks to the unified AVE Cloud platform, without the need for any programming software since it is already integrated in the control panel. The result is an anti-intrusion system flexible, reliable and expandable, conformable to any system requirement: the alarm becomes smart with AVE.

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even more complete with the new wired peripherals