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Drones are now so cheap that they are widely used by amateur pilots. Spectacular aerial photos, which were previously reserved for professional photographers or, for example, the fire brigade to coordinate large-scale operations, are possible for everyone. But drones – correctly they are called multicopters. B. Quadrocopter, Octocopter or Hexacopter – are not toys. Therefore, comprehensive legal provisions must also be observed. The experts of the comparison portal 9Brands explain what to look out for:

Liability insurance also for copters without a license

European regulations for flight safety were passed in 2018. In Germany, however, national law currently still applies. The owner of model aircraft, which also includes drones, is liable under the Aviation Act for damage caused by the model even without fault (so-called strict liability). The Aviation Act has therefore stipulated liability insurance for model aircraft since 2005. The obligation applies regardless of size, weight or ascent height. Even if the drone can take off without a permit (up to a take-off weight of 5 kg), no proof of competence is required (up to 2 kg) and the model is not subject to labeling (up to 250 g), you need insurance, otherwise you will be liable to prosecution. The only exceptions are toys that are only used in closed rooms. Private liability insurance usually does not offer any insurance cover for damage caused by motorized model aircraft, at least for older contracts. Then – and in any case for commercial use – it is necessary to take out aviation liability insurance. It is now also offered as a special drone insurance. If you take aerial photos or videos and publish them on the Internet, you should check whether your liability insurance will also apply if you are subject to claims for damages as a result, for example due to personal rights violations. Every liability insurance contains what is known as passive legal protection to ward off unjustified claims. The addition of legal protection insurance is recommended, for example in the event of disputes with authorities or neighbors about the drone flights.

Comprehensive insurance for drones

Aircraft crash is an insured risk in its own right under fire insurance, which is also included in household and residential building insurance. Insurance cover is therefore provided for damage to insured property caused by the crash of a drone, even if there is no fire. However, damage to the drone itself is not covered by household insurance for two reasons. Firstly, aircraft are generally not included in the insured property; secondly, the crash is only very rarely caused by one of the insured hazards. The only solution here is an aircraft comprehensive insurance, which is also available for multicopters.

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Drones: no start without liability insurance – Gadgets-China.de