from El protector a Presas, the 10 most viewed series and movies this September 16

Dams, the new Netflix movie that captivated thriller and suspense fans, ranks among the most watched on the platform

Netflix is the platform of streaming most used in Argentina, with 4.5 million active users who visit its catalog every day. The offer of titles is constantly renewed: every week new features are introduced that tempt users. For this reason, Top 10 most viewed series and movies in our country it changes almost daily. East 16 of September, the first place is once again occupied by the action film The protector, made by Liam Neeson, followed by Lucifer, the successful series that premiered new episodes. In addition, they continue to be well positioned The Money Heist and The last shot.

Ranking of Netflix Argentina: from El protector to El Reino, the 10 most viewed series and movies this September 15

Here is a review of the productions that lead the ranking and Netflix Argentina.

1. The protector

Liam Neeson shines in this tale of action in which he embodies a arizona rancher who becomes the protector of a child persecuted by a powerful organization linked to drug trafficking. Neeson sustains the atmosphere of the film by establishing a great bond with the young man Jacob Perez. The protector has an address of Robert Lorenz and it has been shot with a precise recreation of its settings. | See The Protector

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2. Lucifer

The series created in 2016 has already become a classic and returns to the ranking after premiere of the new episodes of its final season. The story focuses on Lucifer morningstar, an angel who is expelled from heaven to become the devil and rule hell. Bored and angry at his father’s decision, renounces his throne in hell to travel to Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub. Everything is going relatively smoothly until he becomes involved in a murder case and ends up working as a police consultant. | See Lucifer

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3. The paper house

The series that was consolidated as an international success added five new episodes. The fifth installment takes up those events that were pending in the fourth season: after 100 hours at the Bank of Spain, the group manages to rescue Lisboa, but they lose one of their own. Meanwhile, the inspector arrests the Teacher and the escape plan gets more and more complicated. What started as the biggest robbery in history is about to end in war. | See La casa de Papel

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4. The Equalizer 2

Denzel Washington stars in the continuation of this story directed by Antoine Fuqua. With the just tone of suspense, the story revolves around Robert McCall, a former CIA agent who, upon learning of the murder of a friend, decides to go back to his old ways to find and punish the perpetrators. They complete the cast Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders and Bill Pullman. | Watch The Equalizer 2

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5. The last shot

Despite being alerted by the police, He takes his son hunting, but ends up witnessing a crime. Such is the plot of this well-made thriller, although somewhat predictable, in which the performances of Bruce Willis y Hayden Christensen. Directed by Steven C. Miller, the material shot in 2017 has very good photography. | See The Last Shot

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6. Clickbait

With mixed reviews The first season of eight chapters of this series arrived on the Netflix platform, in which the focus is on the visibility of social media and cyber threats, and how this can influence criminal acts. Adrian Grenier, Zoe Kazan and Betty Gabriel they are the protagonists of this controversial bet. | Ver Clickbait

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7. Kate

In this movie by action, the actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead gives life to Kate, a meticulous and ruthless assassin. Being poisoned before her last assignment, has less than 24 hours to find the person in charge, get the antidote and get revenge. As her body deteriorates by leaps and bounds, Kate forges an unexpected bond with the teenage daughter of one of her victims. | Ver Kate

8. The poster of the toads: the origin

Filmed entirely outside the cities of Bogota and Cali, this Colombian production addresses the details in the life of a family whose members are involved in the world of drug cartels. The organization on which the story of this series is centered reached 25 countries. With raw and realistic images, it stars Juan Pablo Urrego, Sebastián Osorio and Patricia Tamayo. | See The poster of the toads: the origin

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9. The Kingdom

Starring Diego Peretti, Mercedes Morán, Joaquín Furriel, Chino Darín, Peter Lanzani and Nancy Dupláa, the Argentine production follows the story of Emilio Vázquez Pena. The pastor, a vice-presidential candidate, gets a chance to run for president after his running mate is murdered. With eight episodes, the story written by Claudia Piñeiro and directed by Marcelo Pineyro it is already a success. | See The Kingdom

10. Fangs

Five friends travel to the forest to live an adventure in the middle of nature. Without knowing why, become the target of a mysterious sniper and the fight to survive becomes more and more complicated as the hours go by. A german thriller which, with a very low budget, is already emerging as one of the streaming platform’s new successes. | Watch fangs

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from El protector a Presas, the 10 most viewed series and movies this September 16