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They say of their friendship that it is “The most important for humanity since that of Jesus Christ with his apostles.” Avoiding rhetorical excess –and a lack of offense to religious sentiments–, the truth is that the tandem formed over three decades by Tina Fey y Amy Poehler he has written some of the key pages of the recent Hollywood Hills will. The actresses, screenwriters, directors and producers will present this February 28 a new Golden Globes gala, the fourth for them in less than ten years, thus refuting their status as indivisible stars. A friendship born in 1993, nurtured since then in the personal and professional aspects with parallel and interconnected careers, which has made them one of the most legendary comedic duos in the mecca of cinema.

“They told me that there was a girl named Tina and that she was just like me, but in a brunette.” Amy Poehler was just 22 years old when she first heard about what would be her perennial professional companion. She, as told in her memoir Yes, pleaseHe was a member of a Chicago amateur improv group, the ImprovOlympic, and Fey came to his class to try to find a place in a world dominated almost entirely by men. He did, he did, highlighting with a sketch written and performed by her in which Catherine the Great tried to have sex with a horse. “John F. Kennedy had extramarital affairs and nobody says anything. But I jump on a horse and am now a ‘horse warmer’ for all eternity? That is what I am? I think Hillary Clinton can relate to this, ”read one of the play’s hilarious lines.

Fey and Poehler (lower right) pose with their improv group in the mid-1990s. Foto: UCB Theatre

Called “inseparable” by their peers, they made such a name for themselves in Chicago’s prestigious theater scene that just a few years later they had to pack their bags and move to the Big Apple. Fey began working as a screenwriter on Saturday Night Live and Poehler was recruited by the New York improvisation group Upright Citizens Brigade, although she would end up accompanying her friend in the mythical format of humor. That was the best showcase for his talent and his media catapult, ending the historical underrepresentation of comedians of weight – with the exception perhaps of Gilda Radner – in the “men’s club” that had elevated figures such as Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy or John Belushi. Fey was the first woman to be named head of scriptwriters and, together with Poehler, they formed the first duo of presenters of the satirical newscast Weekend Update, one of the classic segments of the format. “We met when we were single and poor, now we are rotten with money and we have husbands all over the world,” said Poehler ironically at the peak of her fame.

At the same time, they built an estimable film career under construction, but one that never matched their television predicament. In addition to the success of the adolescent film –now cult– Bad Girls, written by Fey and in which Poehler had a supporting role, both co-starred with less success in comedies Surrogate mom and Siblings. It was, however, their respective impersonations of Sarah Palin, the US vice presidential candidate, and Hillary Clinton, the former Democratic presidential hopeful, that made them omnipresent stars across the country. The repercussions of the parody of Palin by Tina Fey had such an impact on American society that different sociologists, journalists and political scientists joined the call ‘Fey effect’, which stated that the virality of sketches they had influenced and decided the electoral result in favor of the candidacy of Barack Obama.

The actresses, characterized as Palin and Clinton on ‘Saturday Night Live’. Photo: Cordon Press

The similarities between their professional careers reach the point that both decided to leave Saturday Night Live in the middle of the first decade of the century to lead, in the same network (NBC), comedy series generated for his personal show. 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation they won over critics and audiences, both taking home Golden Globes for best actress in a comedy and multiple Emmy Award nominations. The two have published successful biographies, starred in magazine covers, voiced leads in Pixar films, and presented different award galas. Some informally, such as the 2019 Oscars, in which stole the night in just a couple of minutes; and others officially, such as the aforementioned Golden Globes. They do not seem to care about professional parallelism. “People think of us as a comedic duo and I’m in no rush to correct them. Why wouldn’t I want to bond with the most enthusiastic and talented voice in the comedy universe? ”Poehler argued. Today both enjoy a position of reference in the industry, using their surnames as a guarantee of creative quality and making way for interpreters such as Kate McKinnon or Kristen Wiig, who have taken advantage of the path traveled by them. Fey has released his umpteenth season this season sitcom as an executive producer, Mr. Mayor (with Ted Danson); and Poehler premieres this March 3 on Netflix her new project as director, Moxie, a foray into the adolescent gender with a feminist perspective.

In April 2008, the interpreters starred on the cover of the American edition of the magazine ‘Vanity Fair’ alongside Sarah Silverman. Foto: Vanity Fair

This Sunday 28 will be the fourth time that the friends will act as hosts of the foreign press awards. This time they will do it telematically because of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, with Fey presenting the gala from New York and Poehler from Los Angeles. “There is no doubt that the comic chemistry between them is also contagious “declared the president of the foreign press association, Lorenzo Soria. During the three consecutive editions that presented the gala (2012, 2013 and 2014) they managed to overshadow the Oscars and turn the Golden Globes into a first-rate television show. Showing irreverent, sharp and brave in satire, but without bordering on personal offense a la Ricky Gervais. Stars of the caliber of George Clooney, Meryl Streep, Woody Allen or Harvey Weinstein were the target of their ironic comments, leaving DiCaprio himself frozen on stage with one of the iconic phrases of contemporary pop culture: “And now, as if from the vagina of a supermodel, let’s all give Leonardo DiCaprio a warm welcome. ” Word of God (as).

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From Classmates to Mastering Hollywood: Inside Story of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Friendship | Celebrities, Vips