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The Jexi movie is the newest proposal from the Amazon Prime Video comedy catalog. Starring Adam Devine, we will discover the powers of a new virtual assistant named Jexi to cure mobile addiction. Do you think you have it? Don’t miss our review of the movie Jexi.


Phil (Adam Devine) lives a boring and monotonous life locked in his mobile addiction. Everything will change when a new device that includes an intelligent assistant called jexic (Rose Byrne).

Amazon Prime Video Jexi Movie Review

Do you need a movie to disconnect for a while from the endless and absurd debate of “6 or 10 at Christmas dinner”? Amazon Prime Video premieres the film Jexi, one of his own productions that guarantees 84 minutes of disconnection from so much repetitive and pandemic reality. You sure need them.

Scene from the Amazon Prime Video Jexi movie

Are you addicted to mobile?

Are you addicted to mobile? The first step is to recognize it. The jexi movie It’s the new hooligan starring the moonlighting Adam Devine. Your character, PhilHe’s a completely mobile-addicted guy who prefers to lock himself at home watching Instagram to gossip with his ex and watch a movie on his device, than to meet friends to carry out any kind of plan. Settled in his monotonous and lonely life, his entire universe revolves around his mobile device, now his only friend and best company.

His addiction, as a curse, will be broken for two reasons: the accidental irruption into his life of a girl named Cate (Alexandra Shipp); and the arrival of a new mobile with its corresponding intelligent assistant included, jexic (whose voice corresponds to Rose Byrne).

From the scriptwriters of ‘The Hangover’

The scriptwriters of the mythical ‘Hangover in Las Vegas‘, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, write and direct this romantic comedy, which although it is not as brilliant as its iconic proposal, it is entertaining and ensures a laugh due to the crazy and ingenious love-hate relationship that will originate between Phil and jexic -a Siri with a life of its own. And is that you could get to go out with your virtual assistant? In this peculiar case, yes. jexic will end up becoming a fanatical and jealous virtual girlfriend who controls any aspect of the life of Phil, because “he has it grabbed by the mobile.”

A topical satire

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore they pose a satire on today’s society’s dependence on new technologies, from the typical romantic comedy premise.

Our entertainment, social relationships, our daily schedule depend on this technology, it saves our memories, it is our virtual map to get to places, and our clock to know the time, among many other things. Who has not literally died when their mobile phone has been stolen or lost?

That dependence, which many people have already taken to the extreme, is what prevents the protagonist of the jexi movie establish any type of relationship outside the virtual environment. A safe and comfortable environment from which you are not willing to leave, unless you are “pushed” … and that is what jexic.

Adam Devine in love with his mobile
Adam Devine in love with his mobile

The cast of the movie

One of the main successes of the film is the chemistry that is generated between the characters of Phil, interpreted by Adam Devine always ready to give his all in comedy, and that of jexic, whose voice belongs to the sparkling and sour Rose Byrne. The relationship between the two works like clockwork; as unhinged as it is addictive.

Unfortunately we cannot say the same about the relationship that arises between the characters of Phil and Cate, played by a bland Alexandra Shipp. The lack of chemistry between Devine and the one that his love “of flesh and blood” is presupposed, is evident throughout the footage.

Final opinion of Amazon Prime Video’s Jexi movie

The jexi movie It is a good proposal to have a fun time and without more pretensions. And be careful, if you recognize yourself at some point in the footage as the character of Phil is that you have a problem, maybe you need a Jexi in your life.

Technical Sheet and Release Date

Original title: jexic
Gender: Comedy, Technology
Official Site: Amazon Prime Video Jexi Movie
Country: USA
Idiom: English
Release date in Spain: November 5, 2020
Producer: CBS Films, Entertainment One
Distributor: Amazon Prime Video
Duration: 84 min.
Year: 2020
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 18 years of age

Artistic file

Address: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Screenplay: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore
Song: Christopher Lennertz, Philip White
Photography: Ben Kutchins
Distribution: Adam DeVine, Rose Byrne, Michael Peña, Alexandra Shipp, Justin Hartley, Charlyne Yi, Wanda Sykes, Ron Funches, Marcella Bragio, September D’Angelo, Alexandra Fabbri, Kelly Richardson, Vanessa Sheri, Tony Toste, Napoleon Highbrou, Cassie Hendry, Brenda Lorena Garcia, Steve Tanabe, Baily Hopkins, AnnaCorey, Kenny Lorenzetti, Bianca Von Krieg, Dustin Forrester, Jeff Lipary, Tiffany Chen, John Lobato, Dawayne Jordan, Michelle Elise


Amazon Prime Video Jexi Movie Poster
Amazon Prime Video Jexi Movie Poster



Fun and entertaining proposal with no more pretensions than to make us have a good time.


Adam Devine y Rose Byrne.

The satire towards the technological addiction of today’s society.


Alexandra Shipp.

That its plot does not finish showing its full potential when it collides with the romantic relationship that marks the direction of the characters.

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