Escape Room 2: You Die to Get Out (2021). Movie review

Escape Room 2: You Die to Get Out It is directed by Adam Robitel and starring India Moore, Isabelle Fuhrman and Taylor Russell.

A worthy sequel that gives us exactly what we expect … for the good and for the bad.


The two survivors of the first installment try to arrest the mastermind of the Escape Rooms. This time they seem to have gathered several “champions” who have previously escaped from these prisons in a subway.

The movie. Review

More of the same, a little worse … but a worthy continuation that uses all the thematic elements and stylísitoc suqe made the first a success: good rhythm, surprises and some young characters (not invertebrates), a little overgrown, but deep down. a teenage film with a montage and aesthetic similar to Final Destination that does not want to surprise, it does shock.

He succeeds and it is a worthy continuation, he defends himself in what we expect: one room after another with the same scheme of riddles that are resolved in a “plis”.

It has made some modifications with respect to the first one. The hook is lost, the surprise of the first one and this one does not stop being something continuous and, deep down, it does not contribute much, but it is well shot, enjoyable … and with a final surprise in a summer movie plan that does not go very there.

By the way, the script is signed by no less than eight people, which shows that the edictive property in mathematics is not always extrapolated in artistic matters.

All the aesthetics, the rhythm, the invoice … it is yet another thriller, another movie that will not exactly go down in history that can make us have a good time if you take off those plastic glasses that we sometimes like so much and we forget our brains at home no matter how much the movie pretends to go just the opposite … but no.

Somewhat repetitive with respect to the first, quite fragmented in terms of script, it takes time to start and the script does not give for great dramatic performances.

Our opinion

It does not go anywhere, but it defends itself. It is a worthy sequel that does not intend to go beyond a sequel and scratch a bit of the success of its predecessor, make a few dollars and contribute to this post-video-club era that seems not to have forgotten that, with little effort and a formula adequate, you can do something decent that is not ambitious or original.


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Escape Room 2: You Die to Get Out (2021). Movie review