‘Downton Abbey’ is getting another movie (and it’s a wonderful idea)

The Serie Downton abbey said goodbye in 2015. Julian Fellowes wanted more time to write other projects and make sure his most popular work was said goodbye in style. The main actors also wanted more freedom to accept other roles in movies and series without the obligation to spend so many months each year filming the period drama.

Fortunately, this did not mean that they wanted to completely disassociate themselves from the fictional universe of the Granthams, where the idea of ​​working is unusual for those who hold an aristocratic title in exchange for dazzling society with their style (anyone surrenders to the charms of Lady Mary). In 2019 they released a film that recovered the lives of the Granthams and, as reported by actor Hugh Bonneville, a sequel is on the way. And it couldn’t be better news.

The confirmation

The actor Hugh Bonneville, who plays Lord Grantham, has explained that there is a script and that they are delighted to shoot a second film

“We would love to do it, we are desperate to do it,” explained the actor who plays Lord Grantham and who has confirmed that he has already read a script. In his opinion, it is “that kind of pleasant movie like the first part” that the public “will enjoy after this disaster we have been through,” he said in reference to the coronavirus. And, considering that the cinematographic landscape has changed, it could not make more sense that films of Downton Abbey.

There are reasons related to content, passion and others to the state of the industry. The good thing about a fictional universe like that of Downton Abbey is that it did not focus so much on the importance of the plots as the environment they created for the viewer: an aristocratic context with precious royal locations, an obsessive wardrobe and endearing dynamics, whether it was the companionship of the workers or the social conventions that the lords had to obey.

Rob James-Collier is a character who has a long way to go.

other sources

For those of us who enjoyed this conservative and well-made work by Fellowes, the interest is in reuniting with the cast with Michelle Dockery, Elizabeth McGovern, Laura Carmichael, Penelope Wilton, Jim Carter, Rob James-Collier, Joanne Froggat or Brendan Coyle. Therefore, we want another.

After the romantic epic of the first seasons, Downton Abbey he knew how to recycle himself as a period entertainment where the importance was to have tea with the characters. You just have to watch the movie: the excuse to turn the cameras on again was the visit to the abbey of King George V and Queen Mary, with the Aborot that this caused both above and below.

The potential

With 194 million raised with a budget of 20, the reasons to continue with the fictional universe are obvious: there is interest

The operation was also a success. Julian Fellowes wrote the script, all the lead actors returned (the checks had to be tasty), and the movie grossed $ 194 million on a budget of less than $ 20 million. How many films aimed at adult audiences would give anything to get this box office, especially with a budget more than amortized. And, unfortunately, it will be increasingly difficult for a film of these characteristics to repeat such a healthy box office after the closing of theaters due to the coronavirus, the attitude of the studios (which are considering shortening the distribution windows) and the more than likely change of the public’s mentality when it comes to consuming movies.

In the same way that the transformation of Downton Abbey from series to film allowed the universe not to end definitively, since those involved are in favor of getting into the roles again and again as long as they allow a certain margin of time between a film and other, the budget of 20 million dollars also turns the potential sequels into affordable content for the platform that wants to acquire the rights.

FILE PHOTO: Highclere Castle, the filming location for Downton Abbey, is seen in Hampshire, Britain May 22, 2019. Picture taken May 22, 2019. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls/File Photo

Highclere Castle is a location dream.


If the rooms are open and the public returns to them after the end of Covid-19 (which is getting closer and closer but is not yet here), a server will be the first to buy tickets to see the aftermath of Downton Abbey until Lady Mary walks with a cane and Queen Elizabeth goes with her son Carlos to visit the abbey. The darkness of the room, the huge screen, the music of John Lunn with the surround sound is a pleasure.

But, if the theaters are not open or are not a useful tool to make a production of these characteristics profitable, nothing will happen to watch the movies at home. After all, they are like the long-running Christmas specials that Julian Fellowes wrote to us to say goodbye to each season, episodes conceived for television.

Television or cinema?

They are very popular and viable projects for platforms if movie theaters stop serving to amortize a production

And the platform that decides to broadcast these films will have a popular film saga in its catalog, which complements a prestigious television universe and, in addition, will value over and over again a content that is theoretically old-fashioned like the six seasons, always revisitable. So there is no excuse: that the aftermath of Downton Abbey because they cannot make more sense in the future that awaits us.

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‘Downton Abbey’ is getting another movie (and it’s a wonderful idea)