Diet to lose 3 kilos a week

The diet that will make you lose 3 kilos a week.

Summer is about to end and with it the holidays, the terrace, the snacks and skipping the usual diet, something that, in the long run, has an effect on our weight. It is time for many of start a diet, try to lower the scale and reduce daily caloric intake with the goal of lose weight and recover the silhouette. To achieve this, nothing like visiting a nutritionist or any other health expert who can guide us and indicate the the best and healthiest way to lose weight.

However, there are those who prefer to put into practice diets that have already been successfully tested by other people who have had great results. This is usually the case with celebrities who have visibly lost a lot of weight in a very short time and whose eating plan is imitated by thousands of people in search of a desired and fast thinness. This is what happens with diet that Matthew McConaughey followed to lose almost 23 kilos in a few weeks and thus embody Ron Woodrof, a patient with HIV, in the movie ‘El Club de los Deshuciados’ (Dallas Buyers Club).

The American actor underwent a strict diet plan that made him lose an average of 3 kilos a week and that, as he himself confessed, it made him suffer very little. “The worst thing was making up my mind,” he said, “but I was disciplined and I didn’t suffer too much.” McConaughey, who in 2013 won the Oscar for best actor for this role, ate exclusively fish, lots of vegetables, tapioca and egg whites, in addition to “as much wine as he wanted to drink.”

Matthew McConaughey’s diet

Specifically, the infallible diet of Matthew McConaughey to lose weight (went from more than 80 kilos to just 61) consisted of having egg whites for breakfast and eating a lot of fish and vegetables for lunch and dinner. As a complement, he ate tapioca pudding, a dish that the actor made last longer by taking it with a tiny spoon to make it last longer. And, as a reward, he came at lunch and dinner, “as much as he wanted.”

The food that Matthew McConaughey took in his diet are an excellent source of lean protein that hardly suppose caloric intake, in addition to offering an excellent amount of nutrients and fiber. Fish is very good when it comes to obtaining protein with almost no calorie intake, while vegetables favor the intake of nutrients and fiber with hardly any added calories. Egg whites are also a great source of protein and McConaughey used to have them for breakfast an average of three a day.

Matthew McConaughey’s diet made him lose 100 pounds in a few weeks.

The diet you followed Matthew McConaughey distributed the food at various meals to facilitate the metabolism to remain active throughout the day. The fact that he stopped his sports and bodybuilding routines did not interfere with his weight loss. “It didn’t matter if I ran to burn calories or not, I lost weight every week,” admitted the actor.


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Diet to lose 3 kilos a week